Jon’s EDC Selections – Every Day Carry Items For Normal Attire

Jun 16, 2020
Through years of trial and error, Jon has perfected his EDC with gear he can carry while wearing normal, everyday clothes. From his gun, to his med kit, to his knives, each one of these items have been carefully selected and are purposefully placed on his person for easy access.

7 thoughts on “Jon’s EDC Selections – Every Day Carry Items For Normal Attire

    1. This was posted on behalf of Hal
      No he didn’t show the non lethal one in the video
      I thought the nl one would be ok for you to have in the truck

  1. You can buy two real guns for that price. Considering the state of our nation. You don’t want to bring a pellet gun to a gun fight. Everybody is packing live rounds nowadays. At least the people I know. But that’s on you bro.

    1. Not all of us, they wont let me, i cant chance jail right now, but yeah, rock on brother.

  2. Great EDC video Mary, due to my back issues I’ve been slacking, I’m down to my light and pocket knife, but I will pick up a couple of things, but no $500. Watches or $900. Knifes. You can get good knifes for $20 + on the net.

  3. I used to get lazy when the heat comes on up here , I would pack my XDS 45 which is a single stack
    Well , I don’t think I’m going to do that this summer .. capacity is the name of the game it seems today
    So rocking the Buick this summer (XDM 45)and I don’t GAF if it “prints” or someone sees it
    I always cary a knife too and a few other items
    And I have a full Bug Out bag in my truck

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