Just One of the Israeli Truck Bombs on 9/11

Uploaded on Aug 13, 2011 by Christ Conquers

These were Israelis… Jews; just two of two hundred which were arrested before, on and after 9/11. Five more were arrested after having filmed the destruction of the twin towers, (having had cameras at the ready before the first plane hit) and their van had traces of explosives in it.
Two more were arrested after they ran away from the truck they were in when police tried to pull them over. This truck (actually a cube van) had a large mural painted on the side of a plane diving into NYC.
After they ran away from the truck… it exploded.

4 thoughts on “Just One of the Israeli Truck Bombs on 9/11

  1. I guess these guys were eventually released when Mossad vouched for them and said they were just under contract by Urban Movers of Ft. Lee to deliver their unknown cargo, right?

    1. Why would the Mossad have to vouch for them, when almost the whole government is under control?

      What really is the difference between the US Liberty and the Twin Towers, when it comes down to the reaction of the US Government?

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