19 thoughts on “Kansas Secretary of State Kobach Responds to Eric Holder

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but sounds to me like Holder is declaring war on the state of Kansas,wondering what’s next,just sayin.

    1. I just called the office of the Kansas SOS and told them to please advise the Governor and SOS:

      1. That they have the entire population of Patriots standing beside them v. this communust, rogue, criminal traitor named holder, and,

      2. That if the marxist federal government wants to stir it up with Kansas, they will be stirring it up with tens of millions of us.

      3. I further said any action v. Kansas by this out of control regime will be greeted by overwhelming and irrepressible force by millions of Patriots in the country.

      4. I will personally travel to Kansas with my gear to help defend Kansas, should that need arise.

  2. F U Holder. This is not a debate. It is a succession. We are not asking for your permission. We arer assuming jurasdiction over ourselfs. Federal law is not the constitution. The federal government does not decide what we can do. WE DO.

    Go arrest the people violating federal law. Bankers and politicians. We shall not prosecute our peers in your kangaroo court.

      1. My dear 1776-I have to disagree very slightly with you. I hope his execution is very slow and he remembers every one of his crimes against this country-like those at Waco that he helped Lesbo Pedophile Janet with. You know, death by a thousand cuts.

        1. Damn right Paula Walker, If I could see the hanging of Eric Holder I want to see it a long slow one so I can actualy see him pee himself and sh*t himself in slow motion and I want his other partners in crime to know what they got to look forward too and I would want to be there to witness it for myself so I could be satified that it actually did happened

  3. Now the other states need to stand up! The usurpation of citizen’s rights has to stop, NOW! Go Kansas!

  4. Missouri has a similar, stronger law already in the works. HB436, with the same name as Kansas’. It’s passed the House by a veto-proof majority, and is currently in front of the full Senate. We Missourians applaud the conviction of our neighbors to the west, and with just a little bit of luck, will join with them soon in taking a strong, principled stand against Federal usurpation.

    Molon Labe!

    1. Right on Chet!! I am here in Missouri also, and hope this bill gets through with a veto proof vote when it goes to Nixon. As I understand it, this bill is the strongest bill in the country to protect our God-given 2nd article right to keep and bear arms. Glad to know you’re out there. I am L&L and ready to take our country back, and die knee deep in commies if need be.

  5. Holder is a shill of the UN and its banker controllers. They want to form a North American Union, which is why the illegals are pouring in, and the guns are going away. Meanwhile, the jobs are sent away, the dollar and middle class destroyed, followed by the introduction of a new “Amero” as it was originally proposed. Holder and most of Obama’s administration, is traitor to the fundamental principles the USA was founded upon. The founding fathers explicitly declared that the punishment for treason is to be hung by the neck until dead. These communist have infiltrated our government in all levels from Diane Feinstein to Jack Lew. How much worse do things have to get before the ignorant sheep notice the wolf is already within the gates?

    1. When the war starts the ignorant sheeple will start to get it. Too bad 95% of them will not be prepped.

      My math quiz asked: What is 4 + 10? Should I say a .410 shotgun?

  6. If Kansas is the one that must stand up, I must stand with her.

    We cannot allow for the voices of freedom to be knocked down and examples to be made to enforce illegal laws and unjust legislation.

    Marbury v. Madison makes this issue very clear. holder is wrong. Any law that violates the Constitution(see: repugnant) shall hold NO weight in a court of law.

    The second amendment says very clearly that our RIGHTS to bear arms shall not be infringed.

    Further more. The founding father made very clear in the Federalist papers that their job was to DEFEND our RIGHTS. In swearing or affirming to defend the Constitution and then actively pursuing to destroy the Constitution they have lied to WE THE PEOPLE. We are the government and they are “representatives” and they fail at representing us at every turn.
    Their perjury to us as their bosses should be sufficient to evict then from their lofty positions. Lofty due to their illegitimate use of powers to protect themselves from illegal action, generally in violation of the Constitution. More specifically the several Amendments to the Constitution.
    Specifically several instances of tax evasion and insider trading by elected representatives. Offenses of which citizens are routinely found guilty of and sentenced to prison. Routine would dictate doctrine not the frequency of times.

    So if I may.
    We have a criminal order of militant mafia subverting the constitution using semantics and popular opinion to win the day. Understand my fellow patriots. We are a Constitutional Representative Republic. Our laws may be subject to change from state to state. But our federal laws have become intrusive and destructive to the means of living free.
    We must unite under these states and people who would restore our Constitution.

  7. HAHAAHA!!!! HELL YEAH!!! I love the Kansas Secretary of State’s last two paragraphs in his message. Especially about Eric Holder and the Fast and Furious scandal. FINALLY someone with balls in state government to fight back against Holder, DHS, and the Federal government’s abuses. AWESOME!! I support Kansas 100%!!!

  8. The Arizona governor vetoed the bill passed by Arizona legislature making gold and silver legal currency…wonder who threatened to assassinate him? Anyway, hope legislature can override this veto. Good work, Kansas.

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