“Kill the Land, Kill the People” 25% of US Population, Colorado River – EPA TOXIC Contamination.

Published on Aug 14, 2015 by MLordandGod

There Are 532 Superfund Sites in Indian Country! That’s Over 25% of Superfund Sites in Indian Country. But this TOXIC WASTE is NOT only POISONING THE NATIVE AMERICANS—It is also Poisoning ALL Americans! “Kill the Land, Kill the People” 25% of US Population in Colorado River Shed – EPA Animas Contamination.
– Animas River to San Juan River to Colorado River to lake Powell to
Colorado River to Lake Mead to very large Population.
California population July 2014 = 38,802,500
Arizona = 6,731,484
Utah = 2,942,902
New Mexico = 2,085,572
Nevada = 2,839,098
Texas = 25,145,561
Total about 79,000,000 affected by Animas
River Contamination!
Total of USA 50 States & D.C. = 318,857,056
almost 25% of US Polulation
– Unfortunately, there are many such Potential Disasters waiting to happen. another region is NE around NY State. That would also affect another 25% of the US Population since over 60 million live in the NE region there.
– Geologist predicted EPA would intentionally pollute Animas River to
secure Federal “Superfund” 1 week before it happened.
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