Kingdom of Hawaii PSA announcing END of US rule- formal re-instatement of Hawaiian Nation

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This is a Kingdom of Hawaii PSA announcement proclamming the END of US rule and occupation of the Hawaiian Islands and the formal re-instatement of Hawaiian Nation. This means that King Dayne and Henry Noa shall take-over management of the Country along with the Kingdom of Hawaii House of Nobles and Representatives backed by the Kingdom of Hawaii Attorney General’s Office

12 thoughts on “Kingdom of Hawaii PSA announcing END of US rule- formal re-instatement of Hawaiian Nation

  1. Really?Wonder if they are going to let the lop eared ass and the wookie come back?Wonder what the w/h is going to think about this?Would be nice then the rest of the states can try to do the same.

  2. Seems to be a trend lately…the Lakotah Sioux did the same a few years ago, and reinterated it in the not-too-distant past. Havent really seen anything else about it in MSM, and the Lakotah website isn’t really giving alot of zest to I dunno how it’s working. I think there are alot of sleeping sheep in that Nation too. Pretty Sad.
    But…I do know that Iceland is still growing after they pushed the ‘reset’ button.
    I can’t for the life of me think of why every other country hasn’t at LEAST thought about doing the same. Greedy effin bastards…
    all about who’s got the most money.
    I can tell you who DON’T…everyone that SHOULD.
    Anyway…WAY TO GO Hawaii! I hope it works out for ya. Don’t let Obama back in….

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  3. And the U.S. military is closing their bases and moving when?
    I’ll believe Hawaii is independent when the U.S. military leaves, There’s real private property (meaning no property tax) and the natives kick out the Rothschild central banking fiat counterfeiting ponzi scheme and create a currency that isn’t debt based…ending any and all income tax as well.
    Until then they’re just spitting crack seeds in the wind.


  4. I think it is perhaps the best way to go, namely for everyone to opt-out of participation and cooperation with the government to the utmost extent. Stop flying and make the airlines and Boeing put the screws to the feds to eliminate DHS including TSA etc.

    Only pay taxes or other payments that the US constitution authorizes the federal government to collect. There is no mention of Medicare or Social Security in the US constitution and no authority for the federal government to collect any money for those programs.

    Eventually the federal government will go away as long as we stick together and refuse to play the regime’s games. The alternative is a bloody revolution and that is something I want to avoid at nearly all cost.

  5. Great idea except do most Hawaiians want to go back to a king? If they want self rule that is good, but how about a vote by the people that live there. And the debate should be about what type of state do they want to form. Parliament? Republic? Democracy? Kingship? Dictatorship by bloodline?

    I believe most people will choose some sort of self representation. The era of kings and queens is over, human consciousness has advanced to self rule, I am for anarchy myself, the less government the better.

    Usually when someone decides that they should rule it is for their own personal monetary gain. It takes an extraordinary person to be a selfless ruler, something that doesn’t exist in today’s world of greed.

    No one should have power over another, the modern state is the biggest killer in history. Good luck Hawaii, I hope you break away and establish an honorable system.

  6. These guys are total clowns. “King Dayne” is a f@#king ice head who tries to shake people down for drug money. The fact that the UN recognizes them is a testament to the fact that the UN is a bunch of total schmucks. Yeah, the US stole Hawaii. Well, the Hawaiian kings stole Hawaii from each other too. There is plenty of room for restitution being ceded lands, but shit, don’t give asshats like this publicity and then compare them to the IRA. Even the Hawaiians think this guy is a clown.

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