Klitschko…Merkel’s Boxer Boy In Ukraine

Real Jew News – by Brother Nathanael Kapner

‘UKRAINE’S’ NEW HERO is touted as the man to rescue ‘his country’s’ future.

But Vitali Klitschko, that ‘Ukrainian’ boxer…’Ukraine’s’ so-called opposition leader…has been living in Merkel’s Germany and Jewry’s USA for the PAST FOURTEEN years.  

Our poster-boy protester Klitschko is entirely a creature of the Jew-owned Merkel and the EU…and by extension Jewmerica and NATO.

No surprise then that both Jew-owned McCain and Jew Victoria Nuland of the US State Department showed up in Kiev siding with the protesters in mid-December.

Jewry’s new Gentile shill, Vitali Klitschko, has been groomed in Germany to lead the Ukraine opposition — on the street, in parliament, and in the 2015 presidential election.

“Klitschko’s our man,” boast German politicians aligned with Merkel, “he has a clear European agenda.”

Klitschko’s party, the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (UDAR), became an observer member of the German European People’s Party which provides training and support for UDAR personnel.

Klitschko himself has asked the Jew-enabled Konrad Adenauer Foundation, (closely aligned with Merkel’s party), for “help” ($$$) in training and supporting Ukraine’s opposition.

BUT THERE’S A SNAG tying up Klitschko’s boxing gloves.

Kiev’s Administrative Court has ordered Klitschko to prove he has the right to run for president in Ukraine’s 2015 election.

According to Ukrainian law, a candidate must live ten years continuously in the Ukraine.

It’s a known fact that Klitschko has been living in Germany where he paid taxes.

Merkel’s boxer boy has been caught as a charlatan dressed up as a ‘Ukrainian’ hero.



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