Kremlin turns back to typewriters to avoid security leaks

An office worker types out an affidavit in Mumbai, on February 15, 2011 via AFPRaw Story – by Agence France-Presse

A Russian state service in charge of safeguarding Kremlin communications is looking to purchase an array of old-fashioned typewriters to prevent leaks from computer hardware, sources said Thursday.

The throwback to the paper-strewn days of Soviet bureaucracy has reportedly been prompted by the publication of secret documents by anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks and the revelations leaked by former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.  

The Federal Guard Service, which is also in charge of protecting President Vladimir Putin, is looking to spend just over 486,000 rubles ($14,800) to buy a number of electric typewriters, according to the site of state procurement agency,

“This purchase has been planned for more than a year now,” a source at the service, known by its Russian acronym FSO, told AFP on Thursday.

The notice on the site was posted last week. A spokeswoman for the service declined comment.

Pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia said the state service was looking to purchase 20 typerwriters because using computers to prepare top-secret documents may no longer be safe.

“After scandals with the distribution of secret documents by WikiLeaks, the exposes by Edward Snowden, reports about Dmitry Medvedev being listened in on during his visit to the G20 summit in London, it has been decided to expand the practice of creating paper documents,” the newspaper quoted a FSO source as saying.

Unlike printers, every typewriter has its own individual pattern of type so it is possible to link every document to a machine used to type it, Izvestia said.

Documents leaked by Snowden appeared to show that Britain spied on foreign delegates including then president Dmitry Medvedev at the 2009 London G20 meetings, said British newspaper The Guardian last month.

Russia was outraged by the revelations but said it had the means to protect itself.

Snowden has been stuck in legal limbo at the transit zone of a Moscow airport for a third week after arriving from Hong Kong on June 23.

3 thoughts on “Kremlin turns back to typewriters to avoid security leaks

  1. Yes,.. and if Americans try this,..I’m sure the FBI, DHS, NSA and other criminal agencies of the Fed Gov’t will declare such people has having a mental problem, are a security risk, and should have their firearms removed,… to protect the children,… and elderly,… of course.

    We do not need any more proof or evidence that the US Fed Gov’t is an “Enemy Force In Occupation”,….It is time America.

    Time to get rid of it, before they exterminate us.

    JD – US Marines – The first step to abolishing a treasonous gov’t,… is recognizing it and declaring it as such.

    1. Yep, I agree with you there, JD. De-evolving on our own is considered a mental problem, but having the elite de-evolve us into sheeple is absolutely normal. Absolute insanity!

  2. “Snowden has been stuck in legal limbo at the transit zone of a Moscow airport for a third week after arriving from Hong Kong on June 23.”

    Gee….since the NSA, CIA, MOSSAD and other shadow organizations, as well as the U.S. government knows where he is, it completely amazes me how incompetent they are at capturing or killing this guy if they want him dead or alive so badly. You’d think this guy was Osama Bin Laden all over again. It also amazes me how this guy still has finances to do anything or travel. If this was me, I’d be dead or arrested in a day. But nooooo……..this guy is an elusive magician of some sort. Yeah right. I have a bunch of golden bridges to sell ya.

    THIS GUY IS A SPY and the only way he is still alive is because the elite want him alive to spy on others and this whole thing is damn diversion and distraction!

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