Law enforcement sues LA over ban on high-capacity magazines

The Hill – by Kristina Wong

Gun owners and California law enforcement officers have filed a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles, claiming its ban on high-capacity magazines violates existing state regulations.

Gun owners face a Nov. 18 deadline to give up magazines that contain more than 10 rounds of ammunition, after Los Angeles’ City Council voted in July to ban ownership of the magazines, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.   

The lawsuit seeks to block that law going into effect.

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko, one of 30 sheriffs who filed the lawsuit, said parts of the state allow high-capacity magazines.

“The ordinance creates a patchwork of laws that law-abiding citizens and law enforcement have to navigate through,” Bosenko said, according to Los Angeles Daily News.

The California Rifle, Pistol Association and the California Reserve Peace Officers Association have also joined the lawsuit.

California has cracked down on the magazines since 2000, making it illegal to manufacture or sell them, but Los Angeles’ ordinance would go further, making it illegal to possess them.

Other cities like Sunnyvale and San Francisco also ban possession of the magazines.

Violation of the new ordinance would carry misdemeanor charges.

Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Krekorian called the lawsuit a “predictable and desperate attempt by NRA lawyers to strike down a common-sense policy that will keep our city and its people safe.”

7 thoughts on “Law enforcement sues LA over ban on high-capacity magazines

  1. Screw this stupid debate, too.

    We’re getting hit with a new gun law every six hours, and Bloomberg’s spending millions to make it happen every five hours.

    My life is too short for this nonsense. Just come and take the goddamn things already so we can get this show on the road.

    1. I’ll be right with you. Just let’s get this on with, so we can end it.

      Anyone know what 8 + 12 is? Oh I found it haha

    2. No shit! I’m sick of this Commie “chipping away” at our Rights shit. Enough with the games. Bring it on, already!

  2. J.R., I couldnt agree more, and what it is comming down to is we will only retain the rights we are willing to fight and die for..

    For many thats just staring at their tv and a guberment check, but millions feel differently and we aren’t getting any younger…its time

  3. Next it will be a high capacity super soaker squirt guns ban.
    Frickin commiefornia.
    I’m sure people will be lining up to turn them in.
    Like all the gangs.
    Why don’t they just turn the whole state into a gun free zone.
    Then we can see some real killing in the state instead of schools and college campuses.
    They can start with Sanfagcisco, Hollywood and Orange county.

  4. “The ordinance creates a patchwork of laws that law-abiding citizens and law enforcement have to navigate through,”

    ALL of which are in direct violation of the 2nd.

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