5 thoughts on “Leaked Pentagon Video Shows Vaccine Designed to ~ Modify Behavior ~

  1. Get this copied before it disappears. Show it to all those folks who poo-poo the idea of chemtrails. Note that when the audience member asks what means they would use to transmit the vector, he suggests “aerosols” in his question. Obviously talk like this is commonplace in the shadow world, and they seem to take it in stride that things are sprayed on populations towards an end.

    What really blows up here for me is the statement by Dr. Frankenstein that they are working on a VIRUS to genetically alter people. “The VIRUS would immunize against the VMAT gene.” Frankenstein’s response to the question about how to transmit the vector is also earth-shattering to anyone who still thinks the shadow world has any interest in being a benefit to anyone but themselves: “the present plan and the tests we’ve done SO FAR have used respiratory viruses, FLU or RHINOVIRUSES (common cold virus) and we believe that is a satisfactive(sic) way to get the exposure of the largest part of the population.”

    So this creature is telling me they have created a vector that can be attached to a respiratory virus and infect a person, altering their genetic structure? …and they have named the program “FUNVAX”?!!
    How many other things are or have they already cooked up in their laboratories that we are now being exposed to? This goes way beyond treason – these are crimes against The Creator and His creation, completely in the realm of evil.

  2. Aside from 10 year old news, Does not the military state a date as day/month/year? If so, then howzit that a Pentagon video shows a 13th month?
    Just asking, sniffing fer bullshit.

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