Leftist Professor Who Wished Mass Shooting On NRA Families Returns To Work

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Excerpted from Campus Reform: The Kansas University (KU) professor who was placed on administrative leave after calling for the death of NRA members’ children returned to work today — but not to teach.

KU announced Thursday that Peter Guth would return to work, but not to the classroom.”We do have a lot of work to do on assessment as we prepare for various levels of accreditation, and that’s some of the work he will be doing,” said William Allen White School of Journalism Dean Ann Brill, according to the University Daily Kansan, KU’s student newspaper.



3 thoughts on “Leftist Professor Who Wished Mass Shooting On NRA Families Returns To Work

  1. This is the very same mentality as Ke$ha the POP star who, in a recent Rolling Stones Magazine interview stated that her vagina was possessed because she had had sex with a ghost (this is a true story). And I’m sure that Mr. Gruth’s vagina is also possessed.
    Folks, it is only going to get worse from here on out.

  2. With the knowledge that all shooters have been
    left leaning, or rabid leftists…and the knowledge
    that the leftists always accuse others for exactly
    what they themselves are guilty of …….
    The creature mentioned in the article above should
    not be trusted in ANY capacity, especially in the
    dealings of students futures.

  3. What a coincidence. I’m wishing for a mass shooting of leftist professors.

    Q. What is the “left”, or liberal agenda?

    A. It’s the Zionist agenda being carried out by useless idiots brainwashed by the Zionist media.

    Please look at who funded EVERY liberal “grassroots movement” of our time. What you’ll find in every case is a Zionist Jew doling out the money for it.

    From gun control, to the destruction of families, the endless promotion of perversion, and the decay or morality in general, it was all bought and paid for by the Zionists.

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