LGBT Group Calls for Federal Ban of Single-Sex Bathrooms in ALL Public Schools

Eagle Rising – by Onan Coca

Sex crimes revolving around men in women’s facilities are becoming commonplace as liberals continue to push their anti-traditional values campaign onto the rest of us, but this fact doesn’t seem to be slowing the liberal march towards cultural insanity.

In the wake of a federal appeals courts ruling that a school must allow a girl to use the boys’ bathroom, LGBT advocacy groups are now demanding that the Obama administration federally mandate the same for all K-12 public schools across the nation.  

“We welcome this sensible and very important decision that promotes fairness and dignity for all students, by holding that a trans student who was denied access to a restroom has a valid Title IX claim” of illegal discrimination,” according to a statement from the National Center for Transgender Equality:

In light of this important ruling, we urge the U.S. Department of Education to swiftly issue guidance to all schools regarding their obligations under Title IX. … While many people are still learning who transgender students are and how to treat transgender students fairly, the court has rightly recognized that treating all students with dignity, including regarding restroom access, is the right thing to do—it costs nothing and harms no one.

The major gay advocacy group, dubbed the Human Rights Campaign, also wants the Virginia decision to go nationwide:

This ruling not only gives appropriate deference to the Department of Education’s interpretation of Title IX as allowing transgender students to use school restrooms consistent with their gender identity. … We therefore expect public schools, including those in North Carolina, to immediately comply, ensuring transgender students full protections under the law, which includes full access to the appropriate facilities.

Also, if progressives bar single-sex bathrooms, they’ll quickly bar single-sex locker rooms, admits Ruth Marcus, a progressive columnist writing in The Washington Post.

Last year [in 2015], the department intervened on behalf of a transgender Illinois girl [who is biologically a boy] who said she wanted equal access to the girls’ locker room, and not to be relegated to a separate facility. She wanted — as a mom, my heart goes out to her — “to be a girl like every other girl.”

The school district said it worried that allowing her [the boy] into the locker rooms “would expose female students to being observed in a state of undress by a biologically male individual.” The case ended up being settled [ the school surrendered to the federal government] with agreement involving privacy curtains and accommodations for any girls who wanted additional privacy protections. … Even for people of goodwill, the emergence of transgender rights is going to take some adjusting.

transbathroomAs with almost every other liberal victory over America’s social/moral values in the last half century, this one will again prove conservatives’ fears of slippery slopes to be absolutely correct. As the government steps in to force their version of equality, it will necessarily mean that the feelings of some (the LGBT community) outweigh the rights of others (conservatives and Christians). This reality then begs the very important question of “Who should decide bathroom policies?” Conservatives are once again learning that the government makes a very fickle partner in the fight to defend our moral values. Just as with the gay marriage debate, we are learning that with the government there are no gray areas, they are either with you or against you. The danger is that if the government is against you, then you have no chance of defending your values through the state and your rights will suffer.

So maybe we conservatives should consider a third avenue for this debate? Demand that they stay out of bathrooms – let voters decide on local/state bathroom laws and let all private facilities be maintained, operated and ruled by their owners. In that way we can demand that the government only allow single sex restrooms because of the dangers and discomforts accompanied by genderless facilities. This also allows liberal companies like Target to make their own bathroom policies, and it allows private individuals to decide which businesses we’ll patronize (partially based on the values these businesses hold).

Doug Bandow at the Foundation for Economic Education expands on this idea of getting the government out of our bathrooms.

The president’s position appears to be that people have a legal right to use the bathroom of their choice, regardless of their gender, however defined. With the club of federal funding, he is attempting to socially engineer America.

This is central planning run riot.

Good people should approach anyone in the midst of gender change with humility and compassion. For most of us, it is unimaginable what would cause someone to desire to shift genders. It is a personal issue of the most profound nature. It shouldn’t be debated and decided in the public square.

And politicians aren’t doing a good job addressing the question. It may not make sense to most people for someone who looks like a guy to use the ladies room, however he sees himself, but neither does it seem right to force someone who looks like a guy to use the ladies room because he was born female. And it certainly makes no sense to let one person or group of people force everyone else to comply with their preference, even when that group is a majority of voters.

Eagle Rising

9 thoughts on “LGBT Group Calls for Federal Ban of Single-Sex Bathrooms in ALL Public Schools

  1. Time to put the faggots back into the closet where they belong. Then they can pee on their shoes for all I care. I’m sick of this touchy, feely crap.

  2. Amazing at the distractions that are thrown at us. I do not give a rat’s ass about public bathrooms.

  3. If your still sending your kids to a “Public School” than you deserve all the crap they throw at you

    these for profit kid prisons , need to be shut down .. yet parents send thier brats there every year and throw money at them like the idiots they are

    there are better alternatives than Public schools ..stop being a lazy parent and take some responsibility for your offspring and their education

    time to find a way to defund these crooked tax thieving establishments .. they take money out of your pockets even if you dont have any kids .. whats the incentive to buy property with all the pilfering these schools do with your tax dollars?..None .. absolutely none

    opt out ..we need to find a way to pull tax dollars away from this system if you dont have any kids enrolled in the local school , you shouldn’t have it taken from your tax dollars its taxation with out representation or need , why should any one with no kids in that system be funding another persons kids education

  4. When the SHTF, there’s going to be such a backlash against the LGBT crowd that these screaming dykes will be begging men to marry them to help conceal their lesbianism.

    Shut your pie-hole, you fat, ugly dyke, or I’ll use your face for a toilet.

    I think these people are mad at the world because they’re freaks, and instead of just accepting that, they’re trying to spread their sickness to everyone else.

    “Misery loves company” — Aesop

  5. In light of National Security concerns, I call for a Federal ban on LGBT groups! They are degrading the moral compass of our nation, turning our men into little sissy boys, our women into militant dykes, and making abnormal the norm.

    Promoted by the joos in Hollyweird, to aid in destroying this country, LGBT groups are predatory in nature, sucking (pardon the pun) our young into this “freak show” lifestyle. The toilet has been flushed. We’re currently in mid-swirl.

    Saudi Arabia handles this problem with beheadings. See any LGBT groups trying to open a branch office in Mecca?

  6. I always find it funny, so many people come to a gun fight without ammo!
    The LGBT folks leading this fight are between the ages of 12 and 23, these are who laws are being created for and they are out smarting all of you?
    Here is your ammo,
    Sex slavery and human trafficking
    So the LGBT is going to claim that your children will be safe, but their own are selling children into the sex slave trade?
    Human trafficking is a 32 billion dollar a year business, but it has been reported that not much can be done to slow their trade, why?
    Because the elite have their needs also, and will pay very well for satisfaction.
    Armor up Warriors.
    Sheez, I figured this out and have an iq of about 5.

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