Liars on parade

Bob Owens

Never let a tragedy go to waste.

Pump up the fear, the horror, the gore, the loss and the tragedy.

Keep it fresh. Keep it raw. Personalize it. Maximize the public trauma and human cost, exploit the victims and their families.  

There’s profit in them thar tears.

You’ve got ad blocks and column inches to fill, boys, and baby needs a new pair of shoes:

The deadly bomb attack on the Boston Marathon highlightswhat may be a growing threat to American cities — the use of IEDs to target large gatherings, inflicting mass damage with a device that is difficult to detect.

Security experts say the use of IEDs is becoming a preferred tool of terror in both domestic and global attacks — or attempted attacks — against the United States.

There is no “growing threat” of IEDs in America.

It’s precisely the same now as it was three days ago, at it was on September 10, 2001, and as it was when a man named Andrew Kehoe used IEDs to destroy the Bath Consolidated School, then murdered responders with a suicide car bombing… way back on May 18, 1927.

Claiming that any of this is “new,” or an “escalation,” is the most blatant and naked of lies.

The rest is all angling on how to profit from it.

One thought on “Liars on parade

  1. “Growing threat” Haha! What a joke. If it was such a threat, how come 95% of Americans, if not more, never see one everyday.

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