Libyan Civil War and Al Qaeda

Apparently the mainstream media is now admitting that there might be a “flicker” or even a “sprinkle” of Al Qaeda among the rebels we are supporting in Libya.  Just how many is a “flicker” and is it a “sprinkle” at the bottom or the top?  Or could it be that this whole so called rebellion is nothing more than a black-op being perpetrated via cooperation between our CIA and Al Qaeda? 

If you look back in recent history it can become hard to separate our CIA from Al Qaeda as many Al Qaeda have been on our CIA payroll for decades.  It has come to the point that many in the patriot movement have properly merged them into one organization, Al CIAda. 

In keeping with this long trend in the Middle East of enemy, friend , friend, enemy, friend, President Barak Hussein Obama is now proposing arming the so called rebels in Libya.  I think this brings up a couple of aspects for consideration.  First there are the recently enacted UN sanctions forbidding arm shipments to Libya.  But I suppose as long as you are giving instruments of death to the right people that one will be overlooked. 

And then there is this whole Al CIAda thing.  There are at present people serving long stretches in prison for merely giving money to organizations that aid Al Qaeda.  So if Obama gives weapons to the rebels, hence Al Qaeda, is he not breaking these same laws? 

An expert said that it would probably be better if we bought Sovietized weapons with our American dollars to give to Al Qaeda in Libya.  I guess this makes sense as when these weapons are used to kill Americans they will be AK-47s rather than M16s, thus affording deniability in the form of “Hey it was an AK-47 and who really knows where it came from?” 

I guess the administration learned its lesson when the arms being run into Mexico by our ATF were identified as being those used to kill our agents down there.  What a country we have. 

Why don’t they just cut all the crap and admit to the obvious?  And that is the corporate elite are running this world and will kill or remove from power anyone who challenges their authority. 

Just stop for a second and think about what they are trying to sell us.  Regime change?  When one country invades another country in order to take over its government and put in a ruling body that it approves of, this is a war of conquest for empire.

At any rate, maybe the Muslims should start a movement to have all those imprisoned for funding Al Qaeda freed as what they are accused of doing now seems to be sanctioned by our government.

God preserve the mind of the individual, for it is our only hope.

For those of you who have not done so, take the time to listen to the Lindsey Williams interview on the Alex Jones Show (air date 2-22-11).  This explains all the craziness in the Middle East.

Part 1 Lindsey Williams interview with Alex Jones 2-22-11

Part 2 Lindsey Williams interview with Alex Jones 2-22-11

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