Libyan Civil War, Invasion by Any Other Name

President Obama has stated that the operations for the so called no-fly-zone will be turned over by the United States to NATO.  I just have one little problem with this and that is that the NATO command structure is the United States.  But I guess we should not be surprised as our air military offensive is being labeled as a humanitarian mission.

I am continually dumbfounded by the elite’s total disregard for the intellect of the common man in the United States.  So let’s see how the phrase “humanitarian mission” is being defined in our world today. 

U.S. planes and tomahawk missiles have been pounding Gaddafi’s ground forces ahead of the so called rebel army.  After our planes and missiles have hammered an area to the point that the Libyan troops are forced to withdraw, the Al Qaida, excuse me I mean rebels, move in and claim victory.  How convenient that these areas being recaptured by the rebels are the very centers of oil production. 

Heck, the Al Qaida representatives, I mean rebel representatives, are already proposing to renew shipments of oil to England which have been put on hold due to the conflict.  All the while bureaucrat after bureaucrat, from both sides of the aisle, are making spot appearances in both wings of the mainstream propaganda announcing their support for the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Obama, and asserting emphatically that the operations in Libya are purely humanitarian.

I don’t know what bothers me more; the fact that the Queen of England has sent our U.S. military to retrieve her oil for her, or that the mainstream media thinks it can give me two diametrically opposed reports on the activities in Libya and expect me to believe both.  I guess the American people are left to pick among the lies and decide to believe that which makes them feel best about themselves.

Senator Ron Paul has been back peddling in reference to his assertion that Obama’s ordering attacks in Libya was an unconstitutional act.  He is in fact now saying that yes, Obama’s acts violated the Constitution, but heck, everyone in government violates the Constitution in one way or another. 

Unacceptable, Senator Paul; Barak Obama studied our Constitution, therefore when he violates it he knows exactly what he is doing. 

Out here in the real world we the people are held to a standard that says ignorance of the law is not only not an excuse, but just because somebody else violates the law does not give us leave to do the same without consequence. 

I tell you what Ron Paul; I am not going to vote for any candidate that does not take a position of zero tolerance to violations of our Constitution.  You need to retract your statement.

God protect us from our protectors.

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  1. Rick, as I was watching that pathetic PERFORMANCE last night, two things jumped out at me and I truly couldn’t believe what I was hearing. ” Quadaffi must go ” at the beginning, then at the end ” the goal of this operation is not a regime change ” Contradiction ? Maybe. But I don’t think so. Either the Govt. doesn’t know what the fuck it’s doing, ( high possibility ), or they’re leaving the Quad in there, so the can stay there indefinitely ( higher possibility ). You’re right, Rick. This Govt. thinks the common man and the common woman are complete dumb ass’s. Well, I got news for those elitist shit heads. I’ no rocket scientist, but this old dumb ass saw through they’re bullshit.

  2. Rick, thanks for telling it as it is. The major problem is that people do not understand what our government is doing. Even though I direct people to the Trenches daily, unless they read all the articles they are never going to understand. This continues to be our biggest problem and the reason our numbers are not growing. Until we can educate them they are not going to do anything to help themselves. I don’t know anything else to do except continue to post our website on every site I visit. I wish I could do more.

  3. Dear Rick,

    I find your MIS-informed following assertions preposterous:

    “Senator Ron Paul has been back peddling in reference to his assertion that Obama’s ordering attacks in Libya was an unconstitutional act. He is in fact now saying that yes, Obama’s acts violated the Constitution, but heck, everyone in government violates the Constitution in one way or another”


    1. It is Representative, NOT Senator, RON Paul, unless you were referring to his son, RAND Paul.

    2. Ron Paul NEVER BACK-PEDDLED on ANYTHING. For all the talk of mainstream media bias, I find it laughable that you’d take an MIS-informed opinion of a moron lunatic douchebag neocon like Huckabee, in which your SOLE assessment seems to have originated; the MORON that Huckster is, in his recent show, he was trying to BAIT Dr. Paul with Dennis Kucinich’s statement that oBUSHma’s actions on Libya could be considered and impeachable offense. You’re responding to a hearsay, NOT what the Dr. himself has stated. Get a grip!

    Dr. Paul was merely ASKED in other interviews whether he agrees with Kucinich’s assessment, in which he responded that Dennis’ assessment may be correct, at least Constitutionally speaking. But, THAT is a world apart from the Doc actively advocating for impeachment of oBUSHma, himself.

    WHAT Dr. Ron Paul DID, in fact, say is that what oBUSHma is DOING, IS an “impeachable offense,” as recently further verified by his assistant Ms.Heather Mills. As in, while the act itself under the Constitution IS an impeachable offense, by definition, Impeachment is a POLITICAL process in reality. Thus talk of impeachment is moot, unless there’s an active political will. As was the case for GWB, in which Dr. Paul voted FOR Kucinich’s resolution for an INQUIRY into impeachability of GWB, based on that vote, I’d assume IF Kucinich or anyone else for that matter brings up an inquiry investigating whether oBUSHma SHOULD be impeached for his actions, he would no doubt vote FOR it, again.

    Now, if we’re talking about Constitutionality of anything the govt has done, since the founding of the Republic, hell, that list is so long, it won’t even fit in a Google search page.

    But, let us get our FACTS straight: YOU are merely commenting on something in which the Doctor himself has NEVER stated, in reality. Worse, you’re going off of propaganda of a opportunistic, douchebag-neocon lunatic idiot like Huckabee, from his own Fox show, unless you forgot what that A-HOLE did to the Doc during the 2008 Pres. cycle and debates.

    I’d highly recommend that you do some thorough research, before embarking on making comments, on comments that don’t exist.

    1. Invictus,
      I stand corrected. Ron Paul is a Congressman, but that is the only thing I stand corrected on.
      Ron Paul said, “So much of what we do is unconstitutional.” He did not say what he does, she does, or they do. He said “we” indicating himself in the statement. And I don’t care how many Constitutional violations there are, we should have never allowed ourselves to reach a point where any are acceptable, as these violations represent the breaking of the law that all other laws are founded upon.
      If I break any of these sub-laws I am held to account with my wealth and my freedom. And I will not tolerate those who are supposed to be put at a higher standard not even having a standard.
      Anyone who wants to hear Ron Paul say that so much of what we do is unconstitutional, Henry is putting the interview on the front page.
      I have always been a staunch supporter of Ron Paul, but I will not listen to any politician speak of violations of our Constitution so nonchalantly. If Ron Paul has evidence of violations of our Constitution, he has to, under Title 42 section 1987 Stop and Correct, hence prosecute the perpetrator. And failure to do so is a felony bearing a seven year prison sentence.

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