Red Pill Review: The New Atlantis

From The Trenches has recently added a new page called Red Pill Documentaries. This section of the site can be a very effective tool for those people who would like to wake up their friends and family to the corruption of our government and the willful destruction of our constitution and bill of rights.

These documentaries can also be helpful to those of us who know that our government has been taken over, but are not sure as to who has taken it over or how they have done it. I believe that in order for us to regain our rights and freedoms, the citizens of this country have to wake up and see the whole picture.

Even if the 99ers get extended benefits, or the economy recovers to the point where Americans can find work, we still will have to face the fact that we are not a self governing society any more; instead we are slaves to the corporate elite. The people of this country need to realize that extended benefits or a recovery in the economy are only temporary solutions to a much greater problem, and this problem will only be solved when we stand up to the scum that have stolen our liberty.

The time we have left to get this situation under control is getting short. The citizens of this country need to become aware of what is being done to them, and they need to do it fast. 

Because this is important, I have decided to do a periodic review of these documentaries in order to bring more attention to this page. I encourage all of you to take the red pill and wake up. Although it can be scary to face the truth, I assure you the consequences of us collectively burying our heads in the sand, are much worse. Remember without courage we can never have freedom.

The New Atlantis               

The first documentary on the list is The New Atlantis (2006). This film is loaded with information on the origins of secret societies (in particular Freemasons), and how they have been used to take over our country. I found it very interesting that in the past the people of this country had tried to rid itself of the plague of freemasonry, by forming the Anti Freemason Party, better Known as the Whig party. With leaders like William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor the Whigs were able to point out the infiltration of our government by the Freemasons.

After watching this documentary it has become obvious to me that although the Whigs were successful in holding the freemasons at bay for awhile, in the long run these secrete societies got what they were after, which was control over the people of this country. Anybody who doubts that these elite secret societies have control over our nation today needs to watch the next two documentaries on the list, Inside Bohemian Grove and the Order of Death, which will be the subject of my next review.

Until that time, please remember to not let the corporate media do your thinking for you; instead review the facts and form logical opinions for yourself.

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