6 thoughts on “LiveStream in Watertown, MA

  1. I hope that when those thug cops storm that guys house when they kill him that that place is booby trapped and all of them cops have their pig heads blown off their shoulders. every one of them pigs.

  2. Why does it always seem like it is always the quiet one or the one that seems to stay by themselves? Most of the honest/good people I have known have been quiet and they stayed by themselves. They minded their own business and didn`t like snoopy busy body type people.

  3. I have been watching this crap now for a few hr.s now and this all is just a bunch of bs brainwashing conditioning crap and I am done with this shirade. I may as well be watching days of our lives or some other POS soap opera. When they kill this guy I hope his daddy carries through with what he said and he said that ” there will be hell to pay”.

    1. Hey Digger,Did you see the Truman post by cathleen earlier,For all we know this could be half real half studio green screen,either way they just dont have the #s to stop this thing they have brought upon themselves as it seems the sleeping dogs are waking up .

      1. Oh yea Steve, but ya see it is those sleeping dogs that still think that this stuff is real and we still need the DHS and the cops and all to be free and to protect us all. It is those sleeping dogs and sheeple that will bring down the rest of us if the real awake people do not do anything and just shut up and watch. It is time for us all to unite and do something if ya know what I mean. I know a few good awake people that have kids, but their kids are not awake and they still stand by their kids and that could be dangerous – if you know what I`m sayin` – and I do not know what to think of that if ya know what I`m sayin`. Yea their kids stil think that the govt. will not lie to ya and the media always tell the trueth. Hell they think Mc Donalds is where ya go for a good healthy balanced meal, lol, no kiddin` man – no wonder those kids of hers think that way eh.

  4. Hery Digger,those that are still under the spell will probably stay asleep UNTIL THE CHECKS STOP COMING,than they will just riot and pillage for more handouts/entitlements they are of no use living off the productive slopping at the handout tit, the “wallymart” people,they cant take care of themselves,so they damn sure cant help free men.takers dont contribute to the bigger picture but with over 100 million gun chks in the last5yrs I think we are secure in real #s of real americans who cant be bribed or bought off with handouts.

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