22 thoughts on “Look Everybody, Real Clouds!

  1. we had real clouds today, but behind them you could see the sprayed in fake ones filling in the gaps.

    1. Likewise, here. A little windy so it was blowing most off target area so we caught a “lucky” break.

      Can’t believe I can say we are “lucky” for not being aerially poisoned.

  2. Yea I noticed a few normal clouds this morning. It was great along with a beautiful colored, almost painted sunrise. Then it got cloudy and now it’s supposed to rain. It never lasts long anymore. 🙁

  3. Spring Texas, 30 miles north of Houston blasted again today with chem spray. Happy St Pats, now enjoy your daily toxic air followed up by 3 days of polluted rain.

    I Miss the normal blue sky’s with white cottony clouds.

  4. We had unusually sunny weather here for a couple weeks (back to overcast or raining now), but they hammered us with plenty of trails when it was clear. Even when it’s overcast or raining, a break in the clouds exposes the chemtrailing above.

    1. I’ve even seen them spraying at night when there was a full moon so you could see them. If they are doing it to block the sun, they certainly like wasting time and money doing it when the sun doesn’t shine.

      1. They started moderate to heavy nighttime spraying about 2 – 3 years ago. Before that, it was fairly intermittent. I have photos of chemtrails drifting across the moon.

      2. Yea, they’ve been trying to block out the moon too every once in a while here in Dallas. You can clearly notice them in the moonlight flying and spraying across the sky right past the moon. It’s insane. The bastards don’t stop for nothing. They can’t have the sky clear whatsoever. It’s a life and death situation to them. It’s as if they were told they needed to block the sky to prevent the aliens from spying on us or from a space based weapon (which the MSM pathetically uses once in awhile as an excuse for the constant chemtrailing) from shooting down on us.

    2. “Even when it’s overcast or raining, a break in the clouds exposes the chemtrailing above.”

      Yea, I actually noticed this today as well. WTH? The sky is blocked with clouds, so why the hell do they need to overkill it with more chemtrails above it? It’s disgusting and beyond insane.

      1. It only adds to the argument of some of it is for inhalation as well as catalyst for modification via HAARP. Multi-faceted attacks are the MO. They’re cheap ass joo bastards even when using our zollars to kill us?

  5. Trails were present this morning. After about 2:00 p.m. Wife and I started feeling drugged out complete with brain fog. Stepped out a little while ago in the dark and trails are present again.

  6. Is it a cold? Spring allergies? Or chemtrail-induced upper respiratory symptoms? Lotsa people I know are suddenly experiencing these: itchy eyes, chest congestion, stuffy/runny noses. Hard to say.

    Also, I can’t tell you how many people I know marvel at the “beautiful” chemtrail sunsets, sharing photos and what not. So yeah, they are looking up, but they think it’s gorgeous.

    Puffy, real white clouds backed by a clear blue sky are what make me happy.

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