Mainstream Propagandists Faltering in Face of Ron Paul Revolution

On Friday, November 18th, a police officer walked up to a small group of protesters at UC Davis, who were sitting in the street and presented no danger to anyone, and began dousing them with pepper spray.  If one of us as a citizen did the same to another citizen who offered no threat to us, we would be charged with assault.  Many of the police out there are making it clear that they are nothing more than corporate hired lapdog thugs.

The mainstream propaganda machine is doing everything in its power to create an illusion wherein the occupy protesters simply cease to exist.  This again is a direct result of pressure and bribes coming from the international corporate mafia.  You see the movement has begun to affect the bottom line and make no mistake, the elite will torture and even kill to maintain the status quo, wherein they are piling up wealth derived through the massive theft of our natural resources.

They are up to about $32 trillion now and to think they will stop just because their theft has become common knowledge is foolhardy.

You all will have noticed that Ron Paul has miraculously jumped to the top of the polls in Iowa.  Do not be deceived by this sleight of hand.  Ron Paul has been at the top all along and when the lies projected in the elitists’ purchased polls failed to change that fact, the elitists were forced to change the poll numbers without any clear explanation as to what caused the drastic changes. You see, if they did not do so when Ron Paul wins Iowa, which he will, had they kept his numbers at 7%, even the stupidest of the stupid would realize that these polls represent nothing more than a running lie.

I believe the propagandists are going to continue to bury the existence of the Occupy movement for as long as they can.  You see the one party system has failed in their attempt to bring the renegade population back into the false left-right paradigm.

An opinion poll put out by Public Policy Polling is saying that support for the movement is waning.  This lie is just another part of the propaganda campaign sponsored and paid for by the corporate elite.

The rich elite are citing as cause for stopping the protests that they have cost US cities over $13.1 million.  Oh yeah, that is a good reason to mobilize the Gestapo to beat people and spray them with pepper spray.  The corporate elite have stolen about $32 trillion dollars and our government not only does not prosecute but in reality protects these thieves to the point that anyone who speaks out against the theft is beaten, tortured, and jailed.

I have a message for you Steve Forbes.  The day is approaching when some poor man is going to bitch slap that smirk right off of your face.

I have a message for those cops out there sucking the butts of the corporate elite for their thirty pieces of silver.  Maybe you better take a look around and see what has happened to other police forces around the world that have gone against the majority in enforcing tyranny for the minority.

Every protester should be writing down the names of the police officers who have become nothing more than corporate enforcers.  Let them know that when the majority overwhelms them they are going to be punished right along with the tyrants they serve.

The mainstream propagandists were also showing a group of Wall Street traitor sons of bitches, puffing their chests out in front of the exchange like they were going to do something about the protests.  Well I have a message for these bastards too.  The wall of cops surrounding you, hence your proverbial balls, will be overwhelmed and you will get a chance to face those you have oppressed mano y mano and then the world is going to see just how tough you are, you elitist punks.

No one is listening to the lies in the mainstream propaganda.  The movement is alive and well and growing exponentially and the days of the pompous corporate elite are numbered.  We have already told our enemies to shove their lying polls up their propagandist asses and it will be fun to watch them scurry as Ron Paul overwhelms the neo-cons in the GOP primaries.

Be warned, these pathetic piss ants may very well try to start a world war to stop this revolution.  If they do so we must use the opportunity to pounce on them.  We must refuse all conflict until we can get our leader Ron Paul in place, and then it is payback time.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Mainstream Propagandists Faltering in Face of Ron Paul Revolution

  1. Just found the following announcement. (I expect the mainstream propagandists to jump all over the “hippie/love-in aspect of it)
    “2:00 pm 24 hr. Occupy Bloomberg’s Mansion Drum Circle Protest and Love-In Art Show in front of Billionaire Bloomberg’s mansion on 17 East 79 Street


    Word on the street is that Bloomberg loves hippies. So, finally, a drum circle you don’t have to be high to enjoy: this Sunday at 2 pm, for 24 hours, bring the love to Mayor Bloomberg’s personal townhouse: 17 East 79 Street.

    Tie-dye, digeridoo, hackeysack welcomed. No shirt, no shoes, no problem. And if you don’t have talent, don’t worry. FREE DRUM LESSONS offeref! Also on offer collaborative drumming with the police!

    Even though this is a 24-hour drum circle, don’t be late! The mayor loves evictions. Who knows what will happen? But no matter how long it lasts, there’ll be an afterparty and love-in in world famous Central Park just next door.

    Please spread this announcement ( as far and fast as you can.”

  2. from
    “Occupy Oakland Calls for TOTAL WEST COAST PORT SHUTDOWN ON 12/12”

    (IMO, Henry’s right, this should be a nationwide port shutdown.)

  3. Excellent article Henry, There will come a time when the people of this country get fed up with the unjust inhumane treatment being bestowed upon them by their hired help. Eventually protesters will be forced to arm themselves in order to exercise their rights. When this happens these hired thugs will show their true colors and run for the hills. Whereas the pay check they receive, for bullying non violent passive people, will not be enough to get them to stand up to an aggressive populace willing to engage them in a fair fight. Make no mistake about it, these pigs are cowards and they will soon be exposed as such.

  4. Just thinking out loud!
    I wonder what you would do if you were a cop and your parents home was foreclosed on because your 58 year old father was laid off and your mom bless her soul also lost her temporary job which didn’t quality for unemployment. So they had to move in with you and your wife, who by the way was also laid off because her company shipped her job over seas. Now your plans to send your kids to collage had to be re thought because of financial reasons.
    Would you PROUDLY pepper spray your family or your kids sitting on the ground protesting? The cop in the video not only sprayed once but made a couple of passes, shook the can to make sure he wasn’t running out. (By the way, my postman carry’s a very small can about 4″ tall which holds 1-1/2 oz of irritating spray for personal protection from “DOG ATTACKS”.)

    These cops had HUGE cans of spray that looked as large as hair spray cans!

    What I really don’t understand is, cops (including rent-a-cops) are also part of the 99% and are being laid off and loosing their jobs as well. Why aren’t they showing some leniency or less heavy handedness, knowing you or your family may soon be on the other side of that line? Or maybe these are the cops that didn’t do too well on their psychological exams, just enough to pass. Or do they fear their bosses will lay them off next!

    What Occupiers need to do is all wear dark blue clothing so the cops can’t tell you from them, and let’s see if they start attacking each other as well!

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