Man Reportedly Jumps To His Death In Chinese Mall After Girlfriend’s Shopping Spree

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A Chinese man reportedly committed suicide in a crowded mall over the weekend after arguing with his girlfriend about her shopping.

According to Chinese media reports, the man jumped to his death Saturday at the Golden Eagle Shopping Complex in the city of Xuzhou after an afternoon of shopping with his girlfriend. It is believed that the man was about 40 years old.  

Quoting witnesses of the tragedy, Guangming Online reports that the man had been arguing with his girlfriend before he climbed over a seventh-floor railing and leapt to his death. The couple’s fight may have started when the man expressed concerns over his girlfriend’s expensive purchases.

Graphic surveillance footage from after the incident shows that the man landed in the mall’s atrium, near a number of cosmetics counters. He is believed to have died on impact.

“[It was] the weekend, so there were lots of mall-goers,” said a cosmetics saleswoman who had been working in the atrium when the man jumped, according to Chinese news outlet 21CN. “I heard a ‘bang’ and then I heard people shouting that someone had jumped. I turned my head and I saw a man lying on the ground, totally motionless.”

10 thoughts on “Man Reportedly Jumps To His Death In Chinese Mall After Girlfriend’s Shopping Spree

  1. Hey All
    I knew this old man once who said one day “Steve my wife has to have plastic surgery”,sorry to hear that I replied whats the problem.He said these damn bills when I get home Im cutting up every one of her damn credit cards True story from many years ago.

  2. Well now, I guess that she should have bought American then – at least as long as she stayed in China and bought Amercan in a chinese mall. 😉

  3. You think shopping with American girls is bad, try shopping with a Chinese girl. She’ll dump you and divorce you if you don’t buy her everything that she wants. Chinese girls are VERY materialistic. Luckily, my wife is not like that…..yet. lol

    Actually Japanese girls are 100x worse, as they will dump you and leave you all while having a smile on their face. Their notorious for that. “I’m sorry, but you can’t buy me a Prada bag. You are no longer my boyfriend/husband. I’m leaving you. Bye-bye. Hehe!”

    1. Some very good freinds brought back Korean wives that they found over there in korea while in the military back in the early 70`s and they gave my buddies a good credit card screwing to be sure.

      1. Yep. I’ve never been to Korea, but I’ve heard that Korean girls are not much better. It’s actually more of an ASIAN thing. The women are very materialistic.

        Let me put it this way, there’s a well-known saying in Asia,

        “No money, no honey!”.

        This proves my point. lol

        1. Yep NC, it is kind of sad that “most” of them asian women seem to be that way. Yes NC, I have heard that “no money, no honey!” saying you speak of.

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