5 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend….Now I Know Why

  1. Border Collie, right? That puppy is so CUTE! (Puts those “Too Cute Puppies!” to shame almost!)

    My grandparents a waayyy long time ago when I was a kid had a mixed terrier, Patches. One night we were visiting and my dad got his water dish and put some beer in it. Didn’t know beer would make a dog drunk–he chased his tail for quite a few minutes….but I think that’s the last time my dad gave a dog beer.

    1. Naw Paul, last time my beagle buddy snuck a taste of a drink it was too strong I guess. Now he just looks for the Herb. I think he is trying to tell me something 🙂 🙂 .
      My puppy would rather get high and I do not blame him 😆

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