Massachusetts Residents Erupt in Applause as ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Withdrawn

Come and Take ItAmmoLand – by AWR Hawkins

Washington DC – -( Approximately 400 citizens attended a meeting of the Westford, MA Board of Selectmen on Feb. 20 2013 to speak against a proposed ‘assault weapons’ ban, which was ultimately defeated. The crowd “erupted in applause” and greeted the news with a standing ovation.

Robert Jeffries, Vice Chairman of the Board of Selectman and the one who proposed the bill, said he was taken aback by the size of the opposition: “This was meant to be a discussion within the town of Westford. A community discussion that’s gotten way, way beyond that.”

However, Jeffries then said he had hoped to look beyond his community to justify the ban: “I though there would be some negative reaction. But I also thought maybe some other towns in Massachusetts might have also tried something similar and none of them did.”

Westford resident David Kohl was at the meeting and said: “It was good for gun owners, it was good for everything. It was great.”

NRA President David Keene weighed in on the ban’s defeat as well, suggesting that proponents of such bans should consult the Constitution before putting such proposals forward in the future.

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4 thoughts on “Massachusetts Residents Erupt in Applause as ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Withdrawn

  1. The LIE is there are Senators and Congressman that say
    This was meant to be a discussion This is not true they just wanted to see if people would wake up or not. If no one would have protested they would have rammed this crap down their throats The biggest LIE NOW

    IS OBAMA HE IS more than one lie but now he Obama wants to disarm America by going after the veterans SAYING AND pushing New Gun Control to stop Veterans from being able to have a FIREARM.


    1. Not looking for an arguement buuuuuut WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE FIRST LAST AND ONLY DEFENSE FOR OUR COUNTRY,the “military” at best is the mercenary arm of CORPORATE government whose basic mission is seemingly to murder unarmed women and children for profit around the world.THIS IS NOT AN ATTCK ON YOU OR ANY OTHER IN OUR ARMED FORCES that was conned, scammed or betrayed by the usurpers in our houses of government,it is merely the truth supported by facts. From korea to nam to iraq lies lies and damn lies..We the people will rescue’save our country by doing the job the fkn military in all their “heroic glory”should have done by now which is bring charges of treason, arresting, convicting and HANGING these traitorous scum.

  2. Jeffries is the poster child for the deluded psychopath that believes govt should dictate to the people. He truly doesn’t understand the blowback from destroying the Constitution.

    1. Do not think for a second, that this man does not know what he is doing. He knows EXACTLY what he is doing and has CHOSEN to participate in. I think he has no clue how in betraying others, he will eventually be betrayed by HIS handlers….if patriots do not decide for him first.

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