Men Don’t Sit How Feminists Want Them To

Sent to us by a reader.

Published on Jan 9, 2015 by 6oodfella

This is the big issue for feminists right now, seriously. It’s called “Manspreading”, and is by far one of the best examples to help women, particularly young women, see feminism for what it really is, a hate movement filled with bullies.

2 thoughts on “Men Don’t Sit How Feminists Want Them To

  1. This guy’s funny, and he’s right. He takes too long to make an important point, but it’s an entertaining stretch if you’re not busy.

    Women need to question their “feminist leaders” to make sure they’re not Zionist lesbians with a slightly different agenda than “women’s rights” My ex-wife and girlfriend both live alone now because their “feminism” makes them impossible for me to live with.

    At my age, the only women I meet are divorced, 40 year-old mothers who hate men, and they just don’t have the same alluring beauty and attractive magic as an 18 year-old prom queen, so I’ve resigned myself to living alone until I’m dead. I don’t have a problem with that, and in fact, I see that as a much more appealing option to having a fighting, bitching, nagging feminist in the house.

    The point being of course, that women might want to abandon their “feminism” before they lose the alluring beauty of their youth, because without that bargaining chip, many men will see them as more trouble than they’re worth. A young, beautiful girl can get a man to do almost anything, but nasty old ladies just don’t have that power.

    All people will achieve “equality” by proving their own value; and NOT by attacking someone else.

    1. With you on that one, JR.

      Unless she can kick @ss like Sarah Connor, and is totally willing to do so, I have no desire to cover two bodies alone in a firefight, or any other kind for that matter.

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