22 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From the Trenches!

  1. Merry Christmas to all the Trenchers and to all of you I say “Thank You!!” That’s for all I learn from you every single day, and for going the distance to help our Bill of Rights to again be respected and honored as our Supreme Law of the Land. And also, thank you for not giving up when it would be so easy to give up, to walk away and lead a quiet life. But instead, you stay and fight, sometimes risking everything by the things you say and write. Brave is too small a word.

    And lastly, I am remembering Koyote and the others no longer with us. They left an indelible footprint for freedom and will never be forgotten. To them and all of us, I say Merry Christmas, it’s an honor to know you, and may strength and vision bless our resolve.

    For Those Who Can’t Be Here:



  2. We made it to another Christmas.

    Merry Christmas Henry, Laura and trenchers.

    I think this is my 11th Christmas here.
    Ryan(the self-ruler). (Actually forgot about that name)
    Ed Teach

  3. Merry Christmas to all Trenchers present and future!

    What can one say, Galen said it nicely! Ed is Correct, we made it to another Christmas…

    While most of us relish our traditions, it marks another year without eliminating the evil that overhangs us all!

    Henry and His own have become the bright star that hungry minds seek, let’s all keep bringing people to the trenches and continue preparing for what must come….!

    Aloha and love from the Islands

  4. Thanks to what I have learned from Henry and the Trenchers over the past 2 years, I did battle at my 97 year old mom’s bank on Friday. When you know what the supreme, superior law says, no matter which country you live in, no freakin’ pussy ass banker can order me to put on a slave muzzle or to show “exemption” papers without a hard and forceful tongue lashing laced with a few heavy duty F-bombs! That is, because under FRAUD, I had every right to fight him, and I did. I earned myself a spot in fb jail as well, today, for a post announcing that covid19 doesn’t exist, etc… sort of like an attention Walmart shoppers loud speaker announcement. Man, how I would love to get my hands on the intercom there and tear into it… As Merry a Christmas as possible, in the Trenches. There’s nowhere else I would rather be under the current circumstances. It’s stressful, but necessary.

    1. Good on you for the fight.
      Keep on fighting.

      I’d like to quote a great man.
      “If You won’t hit em with a baseball bat you’ll never shoot em.”

      No truer words.

  5. Merry Christmas to Henry and his family and all Trenchers and their families…and I agree with NC about Californians….too dang many coming out here….

  6. Things I heard today:

    If your head’s in the sand, your tail is the target.

    What’t the best gift you can give you kid for Christmas?
    A broken drum. You just beat it.

    Please don’t drink and drive this holiday season. Put it aside and call us, and we’ll come over and drink it for you.



    1. Ooops, correction:

      What’t the best gift you can give your kid for Christmas?
      A broken drum. You just can’t beat it.


        1. Who can say what’s really real
          with God and Life and things we feel
          But if I gave a prayer today
          of what my mind would have to say
          In this time of love and giving
          please bring down the cost of living


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