9 thoughts on “Message from Lady Trampled by Horse in Ottawa

  1. Supposedly she was an elder for a tribe of First Nations. I wonder if the thug who used his horse to run her over knows this, and will he be punished because of it? And didn’t Castreau claim First Nations folks had a right to protest (but whites did not)… First Nations or not, she should not have been done that way! “Hold the line” indeed.

    1. Our lying media is spinning the story that someone threw a bicycle at a service animal! A bicycle in 5 to 7 inches of snow, in a tightly packed crowd of individuals huddled together to hold the line. Ohhhhh kaaayyyy. Unbelievable!

      That aside, our First Nations do lead our nation in the wake-up call we need, to call us all to account. I attended one of their calls for accountability at the Ambassador Bridge in 2012 under Stephen Harper. The warrior spirit and energy was indelible. I agree. She should not have been done that way.

      1. First Nations?
        If any individual or group holds a superior position, you cannot have equal justice. Equal justice is absolute. For any one person or any people to have more is an exception to the absolute.
        I’m no better nor any worse than anyone in my country and no person or persons holds a superior jurisdictional authority to any other person. That would make the absolute arbitrary. It is something I would never accept. I will treat anyone as my equal but never will I treat someone as my better just because of whose twat they dropped out of. No insult intended.

        1. Well said Henry & agreed. While I’m hearing all these calls for “freedom” everywhere all of a sudden I believe most people today don’t really have a clue what REAL freedom even smells like & would actually be scared absolutely sh*tless if they suddenly got it handed to them!

          1. Ally, when you said they would actually be scared absolutely sh*tless if they suddenly got freedom handed to them, did you mean…. ….. did you mean……..a gun?

        2. Right. We are all equals! Being that my ancestors were most likely herded to Canada from Europe (I’m adopted, so I don’t know my original heritage other than the twat that I dropped out of (no insult taken) came to Canada from Romania after the 2nd world war) they are called First Nations because… ummmm …. because…. ….. neved mind. Thank you again, Henry! You just unindoctrinated me even more! So what if they were here long before I ever was! We have ALL been at war with these colonizers for centuries! Regardless of where we came from or where we were born! DAMN! Anyway, I felt like we were all fighting for the same cause that day, as equals. Even though their ancestors go way back, as the original people of this land. There is equal justice for all of us. Absolutely!

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