25 thoughts on “Message on a Bulletin Board at Work this Morning

    1. Especially in a hospital, Katie.

      If they are planning a “drill,” the employees should be notified in advance.

  1. Live shooter/bomber drill incoming. WTH! In a hospital none the less. Interesting. Stay safe Dawn. Keep us updated.

    1. Deb,

      I suspect the drill wouldn’t happen directly in the hospital. I seem to remember there was a drill in Alton Baker Park over in Eugene a summer or two ago. They set up a mock mass casualty exercise in the park. Ambulance and flight rescue medics were involved. There was a small press release in the local paper, but I only heard about it secondhand by a co-worker when I got called in for an emergency surgery. She told me that some FEMA and/or DHS spooks were there, too. I didn’t like hearing about that.

      1. Thanks Dawn. Eyes open, ears to the ground. Who labels patients as dangerous? If you see triangles on patients doors, I’d be concerned. Who wrote that memo… Again, stay safe.

        1. Deb…Eyes always open, ears to the ground, and in all other directions. I don’t know who decides which patients are dangerous. We try not to judge, but protect ourselves while we help them. Some patients are combative, due to pain, addiction, or other circumstances. It’s not just the patients we have to protect ourselves from, sometimes it’s their family members or friends.

          Think of the bigger picture. Hard times financially for a lot of folks. They are stressed about how they can pay for these medical bills. Who is able to both work and take the time to care for their loved ones?

          Obamacare just forced a whole lot of people who can’t really afford it to get insurance. And now we have to pay for the health care of all the incoming migrants. Meanwhile, pay and benefits for health care workers are not keeping up…

          But I digress…

  2. Take care Dawn……..let your friends know to stay aware and try to record anything. God bless you and yours and thank you.

    1. Thanks, Misty.

      Not sure what you all mean about orange/blue/white.

      Just wanted to share that creepy bulletin I saw today.

      God bless you all, too!

      1. Yea I’m a little confused on that orange thing too. What do you guys mean? Is that the FEMA coloring scheme for who’s a threat and who’s not?

        1. Okay, the colors were about what masks to wear. A couple of months ago, they took away the yellow masks, for reasons unknown. They were popular with those who “pop in” to the OR for various reasons, but don’t stay for the long term, i.e., the housekeepers, pathologists, and x-Ray techs. I must admit I took one home to wear while mowing the lawn, otherwise I sneeze all day from the dust and pollen!

          I’m there for the long haul and prefer the orange masks. They have a built-on clear plastic shield to protect the eyes. I’ve been wearing them for 30+ years, and they haven’t gotten me killed yet, Joe!

          Update on the live shooter/bomber drill memo: this was posted on the open heart department’s bulletin board. It was still there this morning. They have their own staff and OR’s, and the rest of us pass through their department on the way to our own. I ran into one of the friendlier OH staff members (I think he’s a PA) and asked him about the bulletin board and that post.

          He told me anyone could post there, he didn’t know who made that post, he heard nothing about an upcoming “drill”, but he did jokingly say he hoped it was “only a drill.” He knows.

          I want to write something beneath the post, asking whoever posted it what they know. Any suggestions on how to say it?

          1. Response suggestions-
            Would appreciate more details.
            When can this drill be expected?
            Are they in need of any more crisis actors, I have a friend that needs work?
            Will I be liable for the disarming of my fellow American Nationals by participating in this drill that could possibly go live?
            Who is putting this drill on?

          2. Excellent suggestions, Katie! I think I’ll start with the first two, and maybe the last, see if I get a response, and go from there. I’ll take snapshots along the way and keep you updated.

  3. And I’m sure if u try to tell everyone who works there that this is nothing but false flag propaganda designed by our treasonous government to instill fear in the masses, you’ll be laughed at or shunned and forced to resign because you will be deemed crazy, a danger to the people and the patients and therefore unfit for service.

  4. Dawn, you may want to use the white or blue ones. The Orangie ones may get you killed or just stay home! Remember if the Joo’s do not show up for work, get out!

    1. Be nice, Joe. The Jooz just got a nice payout through an insurance deal. I think they have a new coloring book coming out soon. If you decide not to show up for work, I’ll spring for the crayons and PBJ’s!

  5. Sounds like a good day to be carrying, and when it suddenly goes ‘live’ – or very nearby, you can go offensive and take down a Craft, Blackwater, Mossad, or government agent, who was expecting everyone to be unarmed, like good sheep.

  6. Dawn, the ones in the middle were for comic relief. The ones you chose would be much more practical, ha ha.

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