Mexican Drug Cartels, LA County Sheriffs and Judges Make a Good Team

LA County Sheriff, Leroy BacaThe Common Sense Show – by Dave Hodges

Agenda 21 emanates from the United Nations. It is the plan for globalist domination of everything. Agenda 21 seeks to eviscerate personal liberties, destroy national sovereignty with unchecked immigration, control all resources (e.g. water and food), destroy the family, take children from their parents, practice crony capitalism, destroy all religion except for the paganism called Gaia, dumb-down education and seek to glorify all perversions known to mankind.

Agenda 21 is the transition piece between the humanity we enjoy today to the malformed transhumanism model which lies on our doorstep in which humans, as we know it, will disappear from the face of the earth. Agenda 21 comes from despots who desperately seek to destroy 95% of humanity at any cost. Agenda 21, and its creators and proponents are your mortal enemy, whether you realize it or not.  

Agenda 21 forces choose thugs of opportunity to do its bidding. Whether their name is Bill Ritter, former governor of Colorado, or Larimer County, CO. Judge Julie Kunce Field or Los Angles County Sheriff, Leroy Baca, the social planners of Agenda 21 seek to use thugs, in positions of authority, to enforce the edicts of Agenda policies.

I have previously detailed the stories of Stacy Lynne and Kim Fahey as being the poster child of the Agenda 21 thugs in their respective communities. This article focuses on the reality that the enemy is not at the gate, they have stolen the gate and are preparing to destroy you. The following exposes one of the emissaries from Agenda 21 gates of hell, Sheriff Leroy Baca.

Kim Fahey was the victim of the LA County Supervisors, LA County Sheriff Leroy Baca and the sinister forces of Agenda 21 who would not permit Kim to live off of the over-priced and over-regulated grid because to do so, would violate a fundamental precept of Agenda 21 in which everyone’s energy usage must be regulated. Baca’s Nuisance Abatement Team SWAT teamed several residents of Antelope Valley and destroyed Fahey’s home and the corrupt LA County Courts sentenced Fahey to jail for 543 days for code violations.

As it turns out, the abuse of the Antelope Valley residents is just the tip of the iceberg by LA County officials. I cannot cover the entire depth of the corruption of LA County and the State of California in one article, but I can certainly point all readers in the right direction.

Narcotics Asset Forfeiture and the LA County Criminal Enterprise System

Former LA County Sheriff, Sherman Block, righteously created and instituted a policy of having any drug seizure money counted immediately in order to determine the actual amount and to also establish a chain of command and custody over the money. This reform occurred following a period of time in which 10 LA deputies were indicted for stealing the money for personal benefit.

Lt. Patrick Gomez

Unfortunately, for the safety and security of the citizens of LA County, Sheriff Baca changed this policy. According to LA Sheriff Deputy, Lt. Patrick Gomez (retired), he alleges that the large amounts of money seized from drug dealers have gone missing. Gomez states that the account balances in the Narcotics Asset Forfeiture Fund clearly demonstrates that the seized drug money is largely missing. Gomez rightfully charges Baca with encouraging unethical and alleged criminal behavior for Baca’s strict policy which dictates that seized money can’t be counted at the time of seizure. Baca changed the drug money seizure policy in 2009. Gomez believes that the money in question “has been diverted higher up the food chain”. Let me be more specific. Many are alleging that Baca is on the take and is paid off by the Mexican drug cartels which helps to explain why LA County has more illegal drugs than any other county. Also, someone should ask Baca why his photo has landed on the wall at the Church of Scientology.

Please allow me to be clear, Agenda 21 enforcement agent, Sheriff Baca, is alleged to be profiteering from drug money confiscations and the case is strong as the FBI is now investigating.  Coincidentally, Baca’s office is on the same floor of the same building as DHS.

Sheriff candidate, Bob Olmstead, says that the department lowered its hiring standards in 2004 and has subsequently hired 2,000 officers who now are linked to the corruption (Full Disclosure 11/5/2013). The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department can be described as only a criminal organization run by thugs. The department has cost taxpayers in excess of over $100 million in lawsuit settlements in the last three years for inappropriate force, retaliation, sexual harassment, and other types of misconduct.

The Entire California Political Mafia Exposed

Lieutenant Sheriff Patrick Gomez, who opposed the current LA County Sheriff Leroy Baca in a prior election, accuses Baca of criminal retaliation towards himself and his family with acts of extreme intimidation, entrapment, and death threats. Gomez has seen everything but the horse’s head in his bed.

If anyone is still wondering how Kim Fahey could be sentenced to 543 days in jail by the LA County Courts, the following material will prove interesting. Since 2005, only three people have won cases against the County of Los Angeles when a LA Superior Court judge decided the case. LA County Supervisors have previously authorized payments (i.e. criminal bonuses) to be paid to LA County judges. This practice is brazenly transparent and has led many to conclude, including Judicial Watch, that the illegal payments authorized by the LA County Supervisors are nothing but bribes. Welcome the Mexican criminal justice system to LA County. But wait, it gets worse.

Judicial Watch won a case, Sturgeon vs. LA County, which declared that the payments to the LA Superior Court judges were blatantly illegal. Both the LA Superior Court judges and the LA County Supervisors are incriminated in the illegal payments. Unfortunately for California residents, the corruption goes all the way to the California State Legislature as evidenced by the fact that in bill SBX211, the legislators kindly awarded retroactive immunity from criminal prosecution to the judges and LA Supervisors for the payment of these illegal bribes. From Sheriff Baca to LA County Supervisors to the California State Legislature this is one great big criminal enterprise operating at the expense of the California taxpayer.

The Feds to the Rescue?

Federal authorities recently announced charges against 18 current and former Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies accused of beating jail inmates and visitors, trying to intimidate an FBI agent and other crimes following an investigation of corruption inside the nation’s largest jail system.

In all, 13 deputies, three sergeants and two lieutenants were charged. Among the allegations are conspiracy to obstruct justice, making false statements and civil rights violations. Federal authorities said the investigation is ongoing.

All is well and we can go back to sleep, right? Well, not exactly. Do you see any mention of the criminal LA County judges anywhere in the cited LA Times article? Is there any mention of the criminal California State Legislature and their role in trying to cover up these crimes? In cases like these, only the lower level minions go down. The real masterminds, the real men behind the curtain walk away only to continue their violation of the public trust.


Ft. Collins, CO., Austin, TX. and LA County are at the forefront for the introduction of every Agenda 21 policy before these practices go national.

The behavior of both the LA County officials and the California State Legislature demonstrates the abject criminality of the Agenda 21 minions. As citizens, we just don’t have to worry about the Agenda 21 policies which rob of us of our God-given rights to liberty, we must primarily be concerned about becoming a victim to the heinous legal practices of those that serve Agenda 21.

This should prove to be an impetus for everyone of us to be confronting our local officials on a regular basis and exposing their criminal tendencies before they reach the level that we see here in this article.

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