Middle school teacher provides ‘full-contact’ lap dance in front of class for birthday boy

Middle school teacher provides ‘full-contact’ lap dance in front of class for birthday boyMaybe this is part of the Common Core curriculum??

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Prosecutors in Houston, Texas charged a middle school teacher because she gave a full-on lap dance to a boy for his birthday in front of an entire class of no-doubt impressed preteens.

The teacher, Felicia Smith, staged the lap dance in her classroom at Stovall Middle School on February 26, reports local CBS affiliate KHOU.  

When police interviewed the unnamed student, he said Smith, 42, had seductively placed a school chair in front of the classroom after the tardy bell rang. Music began to play – from some undisclosed source – and several students in the class began yelling raucously that the birthday boy should sit down in the chair.

Once the kid sat down, the fortysomething teacher gave him what was perhaps his first full-contact lap dance. According to a police report, Smith did the thing where she turned around and swiveled her butt on the middle school student. She rubbed her hands all over his body. She also got down on her knees and stuck her head between the boy’s legs.

It’s not clear if the kid enjoyed the lap dance. However, he admitted that he did slap Smith’s ass a couple times.

The incident lasted a little over three-and-a-half minutes — presumably the duration of the song that was playing. It’s not clear which song was chosen for the special occasion.

At the end of the lap dance, Smith hugged the boy and told him, “I love you, baby. Happy birthday,” according to KHOU.

When police questioned Smith, she said she provided the lap dance at the urging of students in the class. She noted that she almost fell down a few times while performing the acrobatics required of the lap dance.

Somebody – it’s not clear who – apparently filmed the spectacle. The Harris County district attorney and the Aldine, Texas police department both have copies of the video.

Smith faces a single criminal charge: improper relationship with student. She is free on a $30,000 bond.

A statement released by the local school district explained that Smith “was removed from the campus during the investigation and has not returned.”

It’s not clear if she is still being paid while her criminal case meanders through the court system.

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19 thoughts on “Middle school teacher provides ‘full-contact’ lap dance in front of class for birthday boy

  1. It’s part of common core curriculum for securing future strip joint jobs for the young girls to look forward to. Pole dancing 101!

    1. Yep Millard, that and how to please a politition or a cop during a traffic stop 😉
      Then again the cops and polititions love those young girls ya know – hell most even like the little boys to have their fun with

      1. “Let’s see now young lady, how could we resolve this issue of you allegedly rolling through that stop sign?”

          1. Ha Millard, you know me, eyes always wide open, front and center and always yes always on alert.

  2. Thing is, this is the second post about a teacher pushing degenerate morality on young students…the first was an El Paso teacher giving 4th graders a reading assignment about a married couple betraying each other for sex with others as part of Common Core–which is NOT ADOPTED IN THE STATE OF TEXAS! Add to that my daughter’s “teaching math” course at Sul Ross U in Alpine Texas textbook being written by the woman who created Common Core math guidelines and I wonder if Texas has indeed adopted Common Core, and, if not, has every intention of doing so.

    1. Its the new common core p.e. class!……. p.e. can stand for physical exercise or pecker entertainment!. lol.

  3. I’m sorry, but I don’t know who on Earth would pay for a lap dance or even want a lap dance from this thing. It’s even uglier than that thing we call Barry’s wife.

    But hey, that’s just me.

  4. I once saw a collection of mug shots of all the teachers convicted of molesting students, and was surprised to see that every last one of them was a woman.

    For some reason I’ve always associated that behavior with men, or at least assumed they were more likely to commit those types of crimes, but apparently my assumptions couldn’t be more wrong. It’s probably one of the many false notions we all harbor that stay with us from media messages we’ve been exposed to.

    Another one is the “flasher”, which term makes most people think of dirty old men wearing nothing but a raincoat, when it actually describes a game that’s played exclusively by attractive young females.

    1. Women are the teaser/instigator/perverterts ya know JR, where as the guys/men actually are the penatrative pervererts. Yea, these teachers like this one left a impression I`m sure on those kids.
      Gave lap dance boy something to talk and brag about to his comrades I am sure ya know 😉 LOL

      1. I think they’re more likely to do things like that because it’s much less likely to ever be reported to the police. If I had a cute teacher give me a lap dance I wouldn’t be filing any complaints, and I’m sure the arrested molesters enjoyed a lot of student boyfriends before they were ever turned in.

        Same with the pretty flashers — who’s going to call the police on them? The old man with the rain coat will probably catch a beating, but a pretty girl who wants to show off a bit only improves the scenery.

    2. Yea, it’s like the women drivers. Many people tend to think that the male drivers are the bad drivers and so they give them the high car insurance, but the female drivers who drive worse get cheaper car insurance. Go figure.

  5. More education about reality than he’ll ever get from Commie Core, I guess.

    Despicable, nonetheless.

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