Mike King THE REDS (commies) History from 1866 to 1933

Published on Sep 11, 2014 by FarOutRadio

SUBSCRIBE/LIKE Independent and alternative historian, Mike King (Michael S King), is Scott’s returning guest this program on Far Out Radio. Mike takes us all the way back to 1866 when The Reds started using assassination and bombs to push their Communist agenda. Kings, Queens, Dukes, top-ranking military men, American President Warren Harding, and anyone else that stood in the way of the Communist agenda, were marked for death. Michael S King (aka Mike King), geopolitical and suppressed history researcher, is a regular guest here at FarOutRadio. We recommend you visit Mike King’s site for free samples of his articles and books and also an opportunity to purchase the full PDF or hard copy versions of his latest book, The Talented Mr Putin. Mike’s site also provides intriguing pictorial overview history lessons with leading characters from the power group that oversees the new world order. TomatoBubble.com.


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