6 thoughts on “Mike Pence says “shalom” to Israel’s Republicans

  1. How can anyone vote for this TRAITOR????

    Vote your conscience. Vote for Daryl Castle – Constitution party.

    1. Question 1 on the Nevada ballot this year is for gun control – 16 of the 17 sheriffs in the state, the Gov, the Atty Gen all oppose the law as being restrictive and doing nothing to reduce or prevent gun violence.
      Sure, Las Vegas, the states population base, is a libtard mecca but the gov will likely veto the pos.

      Thought a little humor would help this comment section…

    2. How can anyone on this site think of ‘voting’, PERIOD?

      “If that statement were true my friends we would not have the Electoral College vote that overrules your vote and makes your vote 100% void and puts into office who they want, not who you choose.”


      If you ‘vote’ at ALL, you’re affirming treason.

      Committing it as well.

  2. Are you kidding me! I cannot vote for them now! I would feel that blood would be on my hands. Thank You for presenting this video. I needed this slap in the face. Now excuse me while I go crawl in a hole and cry.

  3. OMG! Pence is a looney tune! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone shove their head completely up the joos ass. He’s on his knees “brown-nosing” joo ass. Embarrassing to say the least, will someone give him a hand towel to wipe the brown stuff off! It was sickening!

    “Israeli is our most cherished ally in the world.” “Curses, slanders, and lies” (from more sane people that know what the hell they’re doing, those that have fought this joo pestilence for centuries). Mike Pence, you can go take a flying leap you Israeli-firster son of a bitch.

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