Military Coalition plans shutdown rally Tuesday

Military Supporters Rally In Washington To Re-OpenIs getting the status quo theft back online what it’s really all about?     – Henry

Army Times – by Rick Maze

The National World War II Memorial, the center of many protests since the partial government shutdown on Oct. 1, will be the backdrop of yet another rally on Tuesday aimed at embarrassing Congress and the White House into action.  

The Military Coalition, a group of 33 military and veterans’ organizations sharing a common agenda, plans to hold a rally and news conference calling on Congress and the White House to reach a compromise on the government shutdown and national debt limit.

“The shutdown has been devastating for the nation’s military readiness and for the veterans, service members, families and survivors in the uniformed services community,” says a Coalition announcement.

“Veterans who receive disability and GI Bill benefits and survivors who rely on survivor benefits don’t know if they’ll get their next check,” the statement says. “National Guard and reserve monthly training has been canceled, affecting critical troop readiness and pay. Many services that military families count on daily are suspended. Veterans make up 27 percent of the federal workforce and don’t know when they will get to go back to work. The 435,000 veterans in the VA disability claims backlog have to wait even longer.”

The event will be less dramatic than the Oct. 1 shoving aside of barricades by World War II veterans who had flown to Washington, D.C., to visit the memorial dedicated to their service and the Oct. 13 rally that ended with the near-arrest of veterans who had carried barricades from the memorial to drop in front of the White House and tried to scale the iron fence surrounding the presidential compound.

However, the Coalition represents 5.5 million people, including current service members, retirees, veterans and their families.

Among the speakers will be representatives of the American Legion, which with 2.4 million members is the nation’s largest veterans group, along with Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, and the National Military Family Association.

6 thoughts on “Military Coalition plans shutdown rally Tuesday

  1. Its hard to know what or who to believe anymore. Everything has been co-opted….even the Liberty movement. All of it is a grand illusion set in place to keep the rats (us) running on a tread mill, never getting to the intended goal.

    We don’t want compromise…..thats the root of the problem to start with….WE want and we NEED solutions……the solution to the messed up chalk board is spelled out in the 2nd Article of the CONSTITUTION

  2. Ignore it.

    “The Military Coalition, a group of 33 military and veterans’ organizations sharing a common agenda….”

    That’s all you need to know that this is a controlled opposition group formed to push the Zionist political agenda. The planned “press conference” is the other giveaway. Anything that’s in the Zionist media is there to deceive you in one way or another.

  3. Besides, they’ve got all those Russian Troops they must train with trigger pulling exercises to get rid of all that ammo somehow.

  4. Here we go again. Trying to control the groups and pit them against others. F**k them! If these bastards know what is good for them, they will split off from these organizations and be their own thinkers.

    It’s like I’ve been telling my co-workers these past few days. Despite what the MSM is saying, it is not about political parties, groups, organizations, religion, race, liberal, gay, conservative, Tea Party, Coffee Party, Birthday Party. It is all about the people being sick of being told what to do and being beat down in this police state and they have had enough with this government’s abusive and blatant criminal actions. It is about the people coming together to throw out and arrest the criminals in our government and to restore our Constitution and Bill of Rights and to take our country back. And that is why the elite cannot control it because this is something they cannot control. The only thing the people care about is their right to live. Nothing else matters anymore and it will keep getting more and more like that and thus making it harder and harder for the elitist bastards to try and control us because we can no longer be controlled. We the people have HAD IT! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!” And that’s the bottom line.

    As you can see, we the people are winning and the elites are losing. Let’s keep pushing and keep fighting until every one of these bastards are hanging by a hemp rope.

    Why did we win this battle and surprise the elite:

    In analyzing Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”:

    1. “Attack where he is unprepared”

    We attacked where the elite were unprepared as they were busy preparing for drills elsewhere.

    2. “Appear where you are not expected”

    We appeared where we were not expected to them as they were all thinking we would be worried or in our homes during the shutdown rather than marching to DC.

    3. “If he is taking his ease, give him no rest”.

    When the elite were taking ease with their government shutdown/corporate parties and holidays, we gave them no rest by marching to DC and disrupting their little holiday plans.

    But most importantly, WE THE PEOPLE have the spirit of FREEDOM AND LIBERTY as well as the moral rule of law with us and as long as we have that and have God on our side, NOTHING CAN STOP US from tearing down the barriers that the elite have put up in front of us and NOTHING CAN STOP US from restoring our country and OUR RIGHT TO LIVE!

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