Minority police officers sue NYPD over illegal arrest quotas


A dozen black and Latino police officers are suing the New York Police Department and the city claiming that their bosses forced them to carry out illegal arrest quotas “against their own minority community.” The NYPD has denied ever using quotas.

The class action lawsuit, filed in the Manhattan federal court on Monday, argued that by forcing police officers to comply with the “illegal quota system,” New York City and the NYPD subjected black and Latino cops to unfair evaluations and discipline, according to the New York Post.  

The suit also said performance evaluation was not evenly applied to all precincts. Police officers in precincts with lots of minorities had to make more arrests and issue more tickets than officers in “a precinct located in a predominantly white residential area,” the suit states.

The lawsuit cites testimony and news articles dating to 2010 that provide evidence of a quota system under former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. The suit said quotas have remained under Commissioner Bill Bratton.

The reality is that one year later, quotas remain alive and well and the NYPD is aggressively pursuing a numbers driven agenda with regard to arrests, tickets and summonses,” the suit reads.

The 12 named plaintiffs in the suit are all black and Latino NYPD officers who claim to have been penalized for reporting and complaining about “the illegal quotas and its racially discriminatory application against the minority community,” the suit states.

The suit alleges that police officers were being forced to make at least one arrest and issue 20 summonses a month.

The top NYPD spokesman told the Post that the department doesn’t use quotas.

There are no numerical enforcement quotas established by the NYPD,” spokesman Stephen Davis said in a statement, according to the New York Post. “Performance evaluations are conducted for all department employees based on an assessment of their duties, responsibilities and specific conditions of their assignments.

An NYC Law Department spokesman said the city would evaluate the merits of each of these claims and respond accordingly once they are served.

One of the lead plaintiff’s in the suit is Adhyl Polanco, a Latino police officer who first complained to the media in 2009 about how arrest and summons quotas affected communities of color. He testified in the high-profile federal stop-and-frisk case.

Polanco also filed a separate lawsuit in Brooklyn federal court on Monday against the NYPD and the city, according to the New York Daily News, claiming his whistleblowing about quotas and discrimination has resulted in a sustained campaign of retaliation by fellow police officers and management, including repeated suspensions, promotion denials and suggestions that he was mentally ill.


3 thoughts on “Minority police officers sue NYPD over illegal arrest quotas

  1. “…..including repeated suspensions, promotion denials and suggestions that he was mentally ill.”

    They’re already making wholesale use of the “mentally ill” accusation against all political dissidents, just as Stalin did. This country is no different today than the Soviet Union.

    EVERY psychiatrist is an enemy of the republic, because NONE of them are speaking out against this tyrannical practice.

    The entire field of psychiatry is a political tool. It has always been a racket invented by Zionist quacks to silence their detractors. They’ll continue to reap the profits of this pseudo-science from people dumb enough to subscribe to it, but we’re going to see it employed as a political tool more and more frequently.

    Right now they’re getting the public accustomed to “welfare checks” made by cops, and “civil commitments” into a mental facility when the cops don’t like someone, and they’ll be doing this more and more often.

    If you’re someone they don’t like, your brain will be chemically fried, and if you’re ever let out, you’ll have about half your mental capacity left, if you’re lucky.

    That’s the state of “mental health” in America today. All the shrinks want to know is “what drugs to we need to employ to make sure he’s a docile idiot for the rest of his life?”

  2. “…carry out illegal arrest quotas “against their own minority community.””

    So, let me get this straight…if the black officers were made to enforce the quotas on whitey and the wetbacks, and, if the latino officers were made to enforce the quotas on whitey and the brothas…then everything would right with the universe and we would not be hearing about this.

    Do I understand this correctly? No concern that what they are being told to do is just plain wrong. No. It’s fine as long as you don’t have to do it to “your” people.

  3. Wow… So now the Commies are even playing the segregation game with their own police organizations. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

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