Missing sailors found dead in damaged US destroyer following collision near Japan – Navy


Several sailors who went missing in Saturday’s collision between the American destroyer USS Fitzgerald and a merchant ship off the coast of Japan have been found dead in the wreckage of the damaged part of the destroyer, the US 7th Fleet has confirmed.

In total, seven US sailors were declared missing in the incident and three more were injured, including the commander of the ship, Bryce Benson.

The search for the seven missing sailors has ended, but the number of bodies found has not been confirmed as of yet, according to a US Navy commander cited by AP.  

“As search and rescue crews gained access to the spaces that were damaged during the collision this morning, the missing sailors were located in the flooded berthing compartments,” the US 7th Fleet said in a statement on its website, not specifying how many of the bodies have been found.

The bodies are being transferred to the US Naval Hospital Yokosuka for identification. The collision took place some 56 nautical miles southwest of the city of Yokosuka.

The USS Fitzgerald collided with the container vessel, which was sailing under the Philippines flag, at 2:30am local time [17.30 GMT]. Following the crash, the US guided missile destroyer suffered “significant damage” above and below the waterline and was partially flooded. The details of the investigation launched by the Navy have not been disclosed. Speaking on the course of the probe, the spokesman for the US 7th Fleet said that “any legal issues can be addressed” only after it is completed.

On Saturday the ship, aided by the Japanese Coast Guard, sailed back into Yokosuka.


5 thoughts on “Missing sailors found dead in damaged US destroyer following collision near Japan – Navy

  1. This US Destroyer Captain fked up big time. He was ten times more maneuverable than the cargo ship. Even if he wasn’t at the helm or “on the bridge” at 2:30am, he was still in command.

    Retire this so called professional, and put him on a desk back in San Diego.

    Even if a paint scraper was at the helm, is no excuse. Unaccounted for sailors, obviously dead at peace time, puts this captain on rubber duck duty.

  2. I didn’t think this type of collision was possible in this day and age of redundant systems…? Shows what I know..!

    I guess “our” navy fleet has no chance against one of the manufactured enemies, since they can’t even detect a fkn cargo ship on top of them…! Whole story stinks…!

  3. This is tragic.

    Unfortunately. ..they found the sailors bodies deceased.

    Because if they found them alive.

    They’d have to testify in international court that the captain and crew were so fked up on both ships from the last port and hung over.
    They didn’t see it coming.

    Evidently. …one of the ships..got into the drugs they were smuggling.

    I guess you just can’t trust radar and autopilot anymore….
    While you’re on a 7 day bender.

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