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For all you dads……Wish mine was still with me

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7 Responses to For all you dads……Wish mine was still with me

  1. BMF says:

    He’ll always be with you, Mary, as long as you remember him. Happy Father’s Day.

  2. galen says:

    Thanks, Mary. If only we could return to these days, where family love was the nucleus (and joy) of society, and nothing came before it. If only.


  4. Katie says:

    Mary, this was breathtaking, thank you, and wish your Dad was with you also.

    Honor him daily by living those things he taught you.

  5. flee says:

    Happy fathers to me.

    Happy father’s day to you..!

    I look like a monkey…and…

    I’m tight as a Jew….
    I changed the lyrics to the birfday song.

    Happy fathers day everyone…!!!!

    My dad passed away in 93 from lymphoma cancer.

    But…on a good note.

    My sons did call me today.

    Only because they wanted stuff.

    It’s just another day for me.

    Tomorrow I have to get back to work.

    • Angel-NYC says:

      Happy Father’s Day, flee (and all Trencher Daddies).
      My Dad passed away in ’92 (prostate cancer/metastasized to bone cancer). This June 27th, he would have been 110… Hard to believe… He taught me so much (he was wide awake)…I sure miss him…
      Glad your sons called. 🙂

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