LGBTQ petition demands permanent ‘rainbow crosswalks’ in cities across the country

The Blaze – by Justin Haskins

LGBTQ activists in cities across the country are calling for city officials to create “rainbow crosswalks” to “honor the LGBTQ community.”

“Rainbow crosswalks” are public crosswalks that have been repainted in rainbow colors, which have been adopted by the LGBTQ community as a symbol of greater acceptance and rights for LGBTQ causes and beliefs.  

Activists are urging local lawmakers to create the crosswalks through the use of petitions. Currently, one of the cities targeted is Chicago. A petition is now circulating there that has garnered more than 4,000 signatures. According to the petition’s text, “Some cities, like San Francisco, have made LGBTQ people feel more at home by creating permanent rainbow crosswalks to honor the LGBTQ community. … This is one small thing that could be done to signal to one of the most marginalized communities in the country that we are here for them, we see them, and we support them.”

Washington, D.C., already installed temporary rainbow crosswalks honoring transgender persons earlier this year, and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed announced this week the city will make its rainbow crosswalks permanent following the circulation of a petition that amassed more than 22,000 signatures. Reed said the crosswalks would be featured year-round in part to honor those who lost their lives in the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando.

“On June 12, 2016, amidst the celebration of Pride Month, 49 individuals lost their lives in an unspeakable tragedy in Orlando, Florida,” Reed said in a press release. “Today, on the anniversary of this horrific event, we remember those whose lives were lost and those that were forever changed. Our thoughts and prayers were with you then, and they remain with you today.”

Philadelphia and San Francisco already have permanent rainbow crosswalks of their own, and petitions are now also circulating in and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Milwaukee and New York City to install similar crosswalks, all of which would presumably be paid for by taxpayers.

16 thoughts on “LGBTQ petition demands permanent ‘rainbow crosswalks’ in cities across the country

  1. And while we’re at it, gun manufacturers creating “rainbow long guns” that shoot rainbow bullets!

  2. Incrementalism. Step by step they force their queerness down our throats. I for one will have gallons of white paint to paint over their efforts. White paint? that makes me a white alt-right, anti queer, nationalist, etc? good

  3. Why must we, the majority, make ridiculous accommodations for a mere 1% of the population??
    I’ve nothing against their PRIVATE lifestyle situations, but legislating their acceptance is akin to jailing holocost deniers. Make very little sense to me.

  4. I guess technically they should be called…
    “Queer Walks.” Now.
    Or even better yet.
    Put up a new sign that says…
    “Queers Xing.”
    Ya know…
    Kind of like deer Xing.
    Throw another sign that’s one of your favorites.
    No shooting from highway.
    That sign always has round holes in it.

    Or …
    Slow down qweer xing a head.
    With flashing yellow lights.

    That means…
    Speed up. ..!

  5. This scum has had acceptance for decades across this country.. what they are demanding is Submission not acceptance by all those who have said, oh well, to each their own….

    perhaps we should demand separate bathrooms for sovereign nationals and have the bill of rights painted in all crosswalks…!

    And maybe we should just have a big gun fight to see who wins…!

    They are never going to stop pushing this shit down our throats & we all know it…all with the help of the Governing Authorities and all the minions..!

    it’s like the school bully…and their is only one way he can be dealt with…!

    1. *** what they are demanding is Submission not acceptance by all those who have said, oh well, to each their own ***

      You nailed it. That’s EXACTLY what this is. It’s no longer enough for us to simply accept them, which I’d always been willing to do if they would just mind their own business while I minded mine. But no — now we have to enthusiastically praise and celebrate them, and we’re not allowed to express our true opinions about them.

      Well, I’m going to keep speaking my mind, and if anyone tries to harm or imprison me for it, they’d better be prepared to risk their lives doing so. Either that, or they’d better kill me in the most cowardly manner possible, thereby proving that I was the superior man. Either way, I win.

  6. Honor insane perverts? Sodom and Gomorrah. We are doomed. The example of that place’s fate is being ignored.

  7. Another prime example of a collective, and a small one at that, eating the “elites” crumbs, like dogs, receiving “special privileges,” when in fact, they are kings and queens and should be feasting on the abundance of their resources and that which their hands can produce.

    They have the freedom of will to go against nature yet not the freedom to offend my reason and conscience and adherence to natures laws, by petitioning a criminal enterprise that has declared ME an enemy of the state, that has NO legislative authority to exalt ANY GROUP above me as an individual.

    They forsake equality under the Bill of Rights for special privileges.

  8. “Philadelphia and San Francisco already have permanent rainbow crosswalks of their own,”

    Why am I not surprised. San Francisco is the gay capital of the world.

    For cryin’ out loud, is a rainbow crosswalk REALLY that important to them that they gotta have it? I mean seriously, who cares if you’re gay. As a matter of fact, I think even gays would think this rainbow crosswalk is stupid. This is all just agent provocateurs trying to manipulate groups to create an unnecessary problem in order to further their elitist agenda.

    1. “San Francisco is the gay capital of the world.”

      I think Tel Aviv edged them out for that title, NC.

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