Moment Ostrich Attacks Man

Published on May 5, 2017  by Caters Clips

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This is the insane moment a huge outraged ostrich starts a fearsome fight with an unsuspecting man.

In the Northwest Province of South Africa, Tienie Van Wyk is about to be taught formidable lesson by a frenzied ostrich, who didn’t take kindly to the engineer’s presence.

Standing in front of the boisterous bird, as it flares its wings in anger, suddenly Tienie is bowled to the floor by the incensed ostrich, who ploughs into him like a feathered freight-train.

As Tienie is thrown backwards, the bird continues to maul the former ostrich farmer with a series of pecks and kicks, before thankfully being chased away by on-lookers.

Tienie, from Brakpan, South Africa, who grew up on an ostrich farm, said: “I landed on a thorn bush and was covered in scratches, but other than that, luckily I was fine.

One thought on “Moment Ostrich Attacks Man

  1. The dude’s lucky he wasn’t badly hurt. That’s not an animal you want to get into a scuffle with. An ostrich is fully capable of killing a man.

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