More spit in our faces…

I found another ‘new’ quarter with what I perceive to have a Chinese woman on it.

Remember when they said that there was a ‘coin shortage’? 

What a load of crap.

6 thoughts on “More spit in our faces…

  1. There’s another new one. They chose a Native American woman. It was her last name that went right through me: Wilma Mankiller. Was like vinegar in the wound James Cameron created last week when he demonized testosterone. Here’s the quarter:×1440.jpg


  2. Anna May Wong was born in California, her father was born in California.
    They’re likely here due to railroad robber barons, and the American people doing nothing.
    Many Irish here by the same doing.
    Anyways it’s not our money
    And until we shit can their fraud and use our own lawful currency what else is there to say?
    It’s their garbage, they’re gonna do what they will.

    1. So true. And I think this is just one other way they are mocking us in their attempt to degrade us. It’s like they’re always saying, “You think you’re somebody. Fageddaboutit. You’re nothing!!” Too bad for them we understand our sovereignty.


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