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More unanswered Sandy Hook Questions

sandy hookSandy Hook Shooting Research – by Sherrie Questioning All

Sandy Hook Questions.. Where are hospital survivor interviews?  Where are the 9/11 Calls from the school itself?  Where are pictures of the glass broken?

These are just a few of the unanswered questions that normally the media is all over the information after a big event.

Where are the actual 9/11 calls from the school?  The media always gets those just days after something happens.  Yet we haven’t heard a single call into the 9/11 center.  We have heard the Police radio scanner information.

Where are interviews of the survivors of the shooting that went to the hospital?  I have found that one survivor’s name has been withheld.  Interesting about that considering the media normally digs until they come up with the names and information.  But they haven’t bothered here.  One person I found is named Natalie Hammond.  There is not a single interview of her and there are only 2nd hand information from “friends of hers.” 

Why hasn’t the media been hounding her to get her story of getting shot and then surviving it?  Especially since this is the most horrendous shooting in the U.S. history since it had to do with innocent little children.  Why not give the information of the other survivor?  Shouldn’t that be public records?

Why haven’t they released any pictures of the glass broken?

They are tearing down the Sandy Hook school.  Since it was built in the 1950s, you have to wonder if it had asbestos in it.  Just like the World Trade Centers had asbestos and actually needed to be torn down as the cost to Larry Silverstein was going to be in the billions to get rid of the asbestos.  But then 9/11 happened and they went down “by themselves” and he made billions instead of having to spend them.

Where are all the witnesses who saw the shooting personally?  There were children that survived it and had run out from what we were told.  One article has the information below about survivors and witnesses... yet not one interview in the media with them.  Why not?  The media loves to tell those “heart wrenching stories of survival.”   Just like that reporter lie

Portions of article:

Authorities also revealed this morning that two adult women shot during the rampage survived and their accounts will likely be integral to the investigation.

“Investigators will, in fact, speak with them when it’s medically appropriate and they will shed a great deal of light on the facts and circumstances of this tragic investigation,” Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance said at a news conference today.

Both survivors are women and are now home from the hospital after being shot, police said. Officials had previously mentioned just one adult survivor. The women have not been identified and police did not give details on their injuries.

There are many, many witnesses that need to be interviewed,” Vance said. “We will not stop until we have interviewed every last one of them.”

Vance said the investigation could take weeks or months to complete. “It’s not something done in 60 minutes like you see on T.V.”

Some of the other key witnesses will be children who survived the shooting spree by playing dead, hiding in closets and bathrooms and being rescued by dedicated teachers.

Why hasn’t the media hounded Peter and Ryan Lanza?  They have not even tried to get any interview from what I can find.  You will normally see the media hounding and waiting on the door step of someone they want comments from.  Yet they haven’t bothered with them.  I did find pictures of Ryan Lanza being detained and in handcuffs the day of the shooting.   These are the only pictures I can find of him since the shooting.


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2 Responses to More unanswered Sandy Hook Questions

  1. . says:

    SH was not an operating school:

  2. scott says:

    It certainly makes one wonder….how in the hell do they get people to just accept bullshit so easily?
    The whole damned story is riddled with crap. Too bad we can’t get some real reporting from someone. If I lived close, I’d go see for myself.

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