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Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein – “I Am Israeli in My Heart & Mind”

Published on Oct 11, 2017 by Zionist Report

The New York Times, New Yorker, and numerous other news outlets have been reporting widely on accusations that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, sometimes called one of the most powerful people in Hollywood, sexually assaulted actresses for decades. Some of the news stories point out that Weinstein has been known as a supporter of progressive causes and raised money for Hillary Clinton, but none mention his longtime support for Israel. Weinstein’s father fought in the Haganah (precurser to today’s IDF) during Israel’s founding war to expel the indigenous Palestinian population.

While numerous politicians have returned Weinstein’s campaign donations and diverse celebrities have condemned his actions among reports that Weinstein’s behavior was widely known for years, the pro-Israel Simon Wiesenthal Center is not withdrawing the “Humanitarian Award” it gave him in 2015.

In Weinstein’s rambling acceptance speech he said that Jews should get “as organized as the mafia” in fighting anti-Semitism, saying it was essential to “start acting now…. if we don’t, we will perish.” At the ceremony, the Center announced that an additional $50 million had been raised to build a sprawling “Museum of Tolerance” complex in Jerusalem. This has caused much controversy, since it involves digging up an ancient Muslim cemetery.

At a gala last month for Algemeiner, Weinstein proclaimed: “I am an Israeli in my heart and mind.” Algemeiner is a New York based newspaper that reports on Jewish and Israeli issues that was founded after consultation with Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Below is the Algemeiner report:

Oscar-Winning Producer Harvey Weinstein at Algemeiner Gala: ‘I Am Israeli in My Heart and Mind’

Algemeiner, Sept. 20, 2017

Oscar-winning film producer Harvey Weinstein expressed his deep love and appreciation for the Jewish state on Monday, saying, “I am an Israeli in my heart and mind.”

Speaking on the red carpet at The Algemeiner‘s fourth annual gala in New York City, Weinstein emphasized, “I love that country, I love what it stands for, I am proud to be Jewish.”

The Hollywood mogul recounted his appearance at The Algemeiner’s gala in 2013, when he presented Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel with the “Warrior for Truth” award. Wiesel served as chairman of The Algemeiner’s Tribute Committee until his passing in 2016. [Editor’s note: Elie Wiesel, while often perceived as a humanitarian, was a longtime supporter of Israel’s oppression of Palestinians.]

“This is one of the most influential presses we have, not only in [the] Jewish world, but all [the] world,” Weinstein observed.

He also spoke of his upcoming movie “Mila 18,” an adaptation of Leon Uris’ acclaimed novel on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

“When people see ‘Mila 18,’ they can subtitle it ‘Jews with guns,’ because this is not about going into the night quietly,” Weinstein said. “This is the birth of the modern Israelis, these were the guys in the ghetto who said we are not going to walk into the concentration camps and get herded like cattle. They said, we’re going to kill some Germans instead.”

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17 Responses to Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein – “I Am Israeli in My Heart & Mind”

  1. DL. says:

    Considering he only abused Gentile women (or Gentiles in general), then yes, he truly is “Israeli” in heart and mind–if you equate “Israeli” with the Synagogue of Satan, that is…How’s that Talmud working out for ya now, scion of Satan?

  2. Bud Fox says:

    Saw a photo of the “handsome ” Harvey and his now-leaving wife. ..I’m going out on a limb and say she married him “for love “.lol…he’s hideous! Ugly Ashkenazi hebe.

  3. NC says:

    “Oscar-Winning Producer Harvey Weinstein at Algemeiner Gala: ‘I Am Israeli in My Heart and Mind’”

    So he’s admitting he’s a traitor to this country.

    Hey Harvey, Israel is on the other side of the world. If you feel so deeply for the people, then by all means, there’s the doorway to Hell.

  4. NC says:

    That motherf**ker just called Israel a country. He said, ” ‘I Am Israeli in My Heart and Mind’. I love that country”. (1:09 mark)

    Since when is Israel a country? It’s Palestine, you Zionist piece of shit!

  5. Martist says:

    Yes he is. 100%

  6. flee says:

    Harvey Viensteen AKA Hurricane Harvey….

    Let me say this again…

    Because I don’t think you heard me clearly the first time.

    Because I did not…

    Did not..!

    Have sexual relations in the name of Israel on my casting couch.

    Bada …ching.


  7. H D says:

    He will walk free , watch and see the only thing he will miss is some paper

  8. Enemy of the State says:

    What a POS
    And now look at all the finger pointing
    Funny how the men that knew something
    And didn’t say anything
    But what’s more disturbing is the amount of women that knew and didn’t say anything

    For those women who had an “audition” in a man’s hotel room, and they went to it: Here’s your sign.

    For the men who covered for this POS
    I hope your mom kicks your ass

  9. SNAFU (really Hal Apeeno) says:

  10. galen says:

    Me thinks most (not all) of those big-name actresses who finally spoke up were all called and told to do so. Looks like a ploy for the lifting of none other than The Democratic Party, the other half of the lying debacle. I just hope it doesn’t escalate into more men-bashing.


  11. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    One ugly Jew, face only a wall would kiss.

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