Mozilla to FinSpy: stop disguising your “lawful interception” spyware as Firefox

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Pretty soon we won’t know who to trust,  but then,  is that the point? Is firefox causing the spies such problems that they are putting this out to chase us all back to microsoft?   I don’t know, but we are warned and can watch for such indicators that will tell us one way or the other.  Don’t act until confirmed.  

At least Mozilla has acted immediately on it and done so legally.  Also notice the finspy company is British.  That does not seem like an accident either.  Notice below it does not mention whether the United States is in that list of countries using the spy ware.   I guess we are warned and to just stay ahead of it.  Its explains why I was losing control of my cursor when trying to post.  I had to go to coffee shop to finish blogs.

Now we know why.  When are we going to get fed up with all this?  I am almost there.  Anyone else?  Start local with your neighbors and grow from there, that is what we are doing here.  Its working on many different levels.  So, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Give it a shot.  You can not lose.

Mozilla to FinSpy: stop disguising your “lawful interception” spyware as Firefox
by Site *ADMINS* , the 12160 blog, on May 4, 2013

The Mozilla Foundation has sent a legal threat to Gamma International, a UK company that makes a product called “FinSpy” that is used by governments, including brutal dictatorships to spy on dissidents. FinSpy allows these governments to hijack their citizens’ screens, cameras, hard-drives and keyboards. Gamma disguises this spyware as copies of Firefox, Mozilla’s flagship free/open browser.

Gamma International markets its software as a “remote monitoring” program that government agencies can use to take control of computers and snoop on data and communications.

In theory, it could be legitimately used for surveillance efforts by crime fighting agencies, but in practice, it has popped up as a spy tool unleashed against dissident movements operating against repressive regimes.

Citizen Lab researchers have seen it used against dissidents from Bahrain and Ethiopia. And in a new report, set to be released today, they’ve found it in 11 new countries: Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Panama, Lithuania, Macedonia, South Africa, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bulgaria, and Austria. That brings the total number of countries that have been spotted with FinFisher to 36.

To date, Citizen Lab researchers have found three samples of FinSpy that masquerades as Firefox, including a “demo” version of the spyware according to Morgan Marquis-Boire, a security researcher at the Citizen Lab, who works as a Google Security Engineer.

Marquis-Boire says his work at Citizen Lab is independent from his day job at Google.

Mozilla Takes Aim at Spyware That Masquerades as Firefox [Robert McMillan/Wired]

13 thoughts on “Mozilla to FinSpy: stop disguising your “lawful interception” spyware as Firefox

  1. It doesn’t matter. They’ll only find another way in. I think I have about three invisible people using my computer at any given time.

  2. What are some of the symptoms of this on your computer??? Just so we will know. I haven’t noticed anything abnormal. Any info would be appreciated.

  3. According to Paul Watson of infowars the bilderberg group will be discussing such things as letting google take much control. They say more info will come out on Monday…love or hate AJ, I dont care, I just know he gets some pretty good info out there…We will see what they come up with on Monday.
    I use adalert, seems to work well, but who knows anymore.

    1. af’TOR… I just started looking into Tor. Is that a good way to go? Anybody, got info on that also.

      The reason I want to know about different options is. I will be leaving for a couple months to the hidey-hole and usually I don’t post on comments, or chat room, emails, etc while I am gone, because I really don’t want those people that track that stuff knowing where the hidey-hole is. hahaha!!! So, I basically, go silent for 2 months. I still read everything, I just don’t send anything out. We don’t order anything sent to it, or use bank cards either. Cellphones is another story. They won’t be going with us WTSHTF. I have walkies talkies, and I am buying two CB’s before we go this years.

      Any info or ideas.. welcome

      1. That is what it is about Smilardog. You make me jelous my friend. Wish I was there. I own my own property – as they say but we know different eh – but you got the ticket buddy. 🙂 🙂 I wish that I was sitting on the big mountain my self. I live on a mountyain but not the same buddy. Doing the best I can my friend. Keep on keepin` on Smilardog. Thumbs up to ya buddy. 🙂

        1. hahaha!!! This cabin has been in wifes family since the 60’s, built in 1890 during CO gold rush. It was boarded up for 25 yrs when I first saw it. It was like a time capsule inside. Still had place settings at the table, poker chips and playing cards at another table. Everything in it was an antique. It was leaning to one side, and the foundation timbers were rotten. I said, “I can fix it, I want to fix it”. The wife’s parents said, Really?, okay, let’s do it”.

          This will be my 5th summer working on it. It is now twice as big. I gutted it out, jacked it up and leveled it. Poured a radiated heat concrete foundation under it. Re-wired it, insulated it, drywalled it. New bathrooms, new kitchen, new wood burning stoves/oven, totally new everything. Except, the outside is still the same old 100+ yr old rusty tin siding. It looks bad ass!!! Not a day goes by that someone isn’t outside taking pictures of their friends and family on vacation with our house in the background.

          This year we are putting new dual pane windows in the old part of the house, so it nice an cozy come winter time, WTSHTF. haha! Bringing in topsoil for a garden, building a greenhouse, installing a 45kw gen set i got, some gun turrets, putting 1/2in. plate steel around doors and windows, and steel shutters with gun ports.. buahahaha!!!! J/K, maybe, I am!

          Best thing is… it’s fully stocked up with those needful things we always talk about. Needless to say, we are very thankful to God for what he has given us, and we let him know always… usually, when we are praying that our flight be not in the winter! haha or that we will already be there wtshtf. I keep fuel transfer tanks full to make sure we can make it there without having to stop for gas.

          This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds!

          1. No wonder that they call you Smilardog `cause you got me smilin` damnit:) 🙂 . I would sell my place in a heart beat – 5 acres – nice place too – if I could have a place like you got in the big mountains an all. I got it good here where I am at but I am not satisfied here and I do not feel good. Every one likes me here but nothin` feels right, if you know what I mean Smileardog.and I do not have anything to bitch about but I just do not feel good here where I am at. I am kind of bummed out sayin` that but that is the truth my friend. ): P.S. and the sad thing about it is that a lot of people do not even know that about me – well now I guess they do ):

  4. Digger… what doesn’t feel right about it??? Is it in an un-defendable spot? or a place not suitable or self-containable in a collapse/grid-down situation, to many people around trying to survive, looting and shooting type stuff?? No water or sewer if grid goes down… or could hit by a tsunami… What??? Where you at? just give me a general area

    Try to sort it out, what it is, because God may be trying to tell you to move somewhere else before shtf. Listen to that still small voice, that may be trying to tell you something.

    1. If you want then ask Henry for my mail addres ok Smilardog. I would love to talk to ya, but as you probobly have seen by some of my comments that I would rather talk to you guys that I trust personally over the phone eh :), OK my friend, ask Henry for my mail add. as Henry is my very trusted friend and if he can he will trust you enough to give you my e-mail add. I will wait to hear from you. I am really getting too old and finaces are not their but I bet that I could do something to move to the mountains. I just know I could, at least I hope so anyway. 🙂 I have been trying for manny years to get something started and all I have seen so far is being let down and I am stuck here. Nice place but it just doesn`t feel right.Cool people but they know too much about me and they take advantage of me, if you know what I mean what I am sayin` and I am sick of it. Can`t deal with BS much any more.

      1. Damn don’t use the phone mate. Meet personally, exchange encryption keys, and communicate with each other via encrypted usenet postings, always postting/reading using different anonymous proxies.
        There are no safe methods of communication left especially if you have attracted the eye of Sauron.

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