My Experience at Houston,Tx VAMC Center

I had to write and call My Congressman because the VA would not mail my Diabetic or Insulin to me and let me run totally out. It was three months in a row. I have no transportation and a home bound veteran.  I and another Vet went to the patient Relations  cause he was having the same issues and someone in the VA cut off his Nitro Tablets HEART ATTACK PILLS,    and cut some of his medications back cause without any test the doctor was just Carbon Copied  Previously medications and refills without a appointment.   

I had to write up my Doctor 2 times for cussing me and other Veterans for no reason he is arrogant and screams at everyone.  I was transferred to a closer VA clinic in Katy Texas, and it just opened and the people are Fantastic. As for Houston, I have been going here since 1977 and seen some pretty nasty stuff Vets roaming halls not getting help who are feeble, and others who sit and sit and do not get waited on. And if you have a appointment for lets says 9 AM you’re lucky to be seen by 5 PM.

I also have been fighting knee disabilities since 1977 and the VA says my slip and fall injuries to both knees were not service related because I failed to claim the disability in a year. JUST a few months ago I found out the VA was lying THE REGULATIONS state a active duty Person has a slip and fall in jury is a automatic disability with the Dept Of Veterans Affairs and does NOT EVEN HAVE to be claimed. They have been cheating me my Thousands in  back pay. I wrote both my Senator and Congressman and told them I sent a letter and the regulation a found to the VA for my back pay. NOW I WAIT


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  1. Sorry to hear about all of this, Mark. Wish there was some way I could help. The shit keeps piling up every day in this country. Good luck, dude.

  2. MarkW, the DAV will help you with your claim. They know the specific Forms and terminology that the VA requires (but will not tell you that you Must use). The DAV will also push them for a decision and handle Appeals for you. I tried to handle it for Hubby until other Vets told me about the DAV. WOW! What a difference. With their help, Hubby’s rating went from 10% to 90%.

    1. I agree with Angel.
      Mark contact your local DAV they’re a good outfit, as she says – I’ve been in the VA system since I got out in Feb. of 1970 (but for some reason wouldn’t join the DAV, or any others) and it wasn’t until the PVA took me in, that things rolled –

  3. Sent some materials to the DAV from 2 knee after the military surgeries.

    I sent the VARO the Regulations as to auto disibility and a claim.

    I will try to go to the DAV after the 1st Of June when I get my Check and have taxi money.I just wanted eveyone to know what I am another vet friend had to go through as to SERVICES at the VA.


  4. Several years ago I had tried to make an appt at the VA and they had me fill out all the paper work and said they’d get back to me. About 9 months later they sent me my VA medical card. I never got that appointment; never saw a doctor. Gave up on them.

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