15 thoughts on “My first Hillbilly spring.

    1. I’m fine sister.
      I’m a survivor.
      It’s just something in my DNA.
      Just like all of you.
      One day I will finally pay off the sins of my fathers.
      I have been cursed with blood money from the military industrial complex.
      From all of our dead sisters and brothers.
      But I am going to put a stop to this so called thing called money and leave the world a better place before I die.
      I have to..or I will inherit the curse and more pain in my life.
      I have had enough pain in my life.
      Some haven’t enough pain.
      Like a child like most of us I stumbled out of the trees and I can now see the forest.
      I’ve given up my creature comforts and now live like a monk…a hermit and a recluse.
      God gives you a choice….I don’t have to live this way.
      But in my soul I know it’s the right thing to do.
      I’m trying to build a micro farm here.
      My excess will be able to feed others.
      In other words. .thank you for caring.

    1. My neighbors are..the..
      The LDS Church and the
      Cattle rancher.
      Just another level of understanding.
      I never thought as a little boy this is where I would be now.
      But this is my last stop after barely escaping Vegas.
      I’ve accepted that this is where I’m going to die.
      But until that day I will be a beast of burden and will not give up the fight to be free.

  1. Wow!! I am somewhat jealous!! We have been trying to get out of the city for so long, but it never works out, so here we sit in suburbia, yuk!!!! More power to you, I hope that you are blessed and it all works out for you.

    1. I really don’t have not much of a choice really sis.
      I either finish this project or die.
      It’s just about to hit critical mass or the coyotes will be feasting on my bones and I’m not a quitter and I will not run in fear anymore.
      I’m to old for that.
      Everyday I thank God/Creator when I wake up.
      The first thought in my mind is….
      God please help us.
      The second thought is…
      Please God help me.
      The third thought is….
      Oh boy do I have go pee…!

      1. OMG!! That is funny! The reason I said somewhat, is because I do not see any trees!! I Love trees, on my little 0.47 of an acre I have almost 20 trees, 4 citrus, blackberry bush, peach tree, Kumquat tree and 6 blueberry bushes along with 2 gardens for food and multiple pots with food. I guess down here we are semi tropical and I just Love my mild weather. But I have to have trees for cover, my big oak trees are wonderful cover.. I have planted almost 10 crepe Myrtles for screening from the street. I guess I had no choice but to make this my little paradise.. If you need seeds, I bought way too many from patriot supply and I will send you some. Just let Henry know, I have just about every seed you can think of!!! God bless you!! 🙂

        1. Thank you I’m okay .
          I still have two survival seed vaults.
          But thanks for reminding me.
          I have to start planting real quick.
          Last week it still hit 27 at night.
          So I’m trying to gauge mother nature.
          But it’s getting close.
          I can feel it.

  2. You the man flee! Make it happen! Sounds like you have a good plan. Enjoy the work and the fruits of your labor! 🙂

    Defense and water.

  3. Nice digs, flee…..3 barbeque grills. Whatever your project is, I wish you the best of luck with it.

    Are you on or near your property line, or can you move higher up that rock and seize the high-ground? I’d be worried that a big rain in that desert can wash half your stuff down that hill.

    flee has obviously fled.

    1. I have 270 acres here. . How much land and living space does a person need really when you think about it.
      Yes I can move up and down the hills here if needed.
      I have my unplumbed leaky trailer here.
      A leaky roof and I’m living like trailer trash compared to most standards.
      But if you’ve ever been in jail or prison……
      This crappy old leaky cold trailer I’ll take any day.
      Prisoners live in smaller spaces.
      I have to humble myself and just be glad that I can survive.
      Trust….me I had a beautiful house in LAS and all the creature comforts you could ask for.
      The rock formations etc..snow melt and water flow are fine JR.
      They cut it out for me 3 years ago.
      Its still standing fine.
      I have been working on draining and water flow with my tractor….leveling…etc.
      Since I almost died out here this winter.
      But I learned a lot.
      It’s amazing when you are going to die and cry out to God to save you.
      The creator will always show up right on time.
      That’s why I’m still here.
      But it’s up to you not to give up.

  4. i too felt free once, i was homeless in hawaii 5,yrs,and a yr in the keys
    on a boat,and saltmarshes,get a coyote skull rattle to ward off the coyotes.

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