My Letter to Senator Jeff Merkley

DSC02644I can count on you to do NOTHING! You are bought and paid for, otherwise you would be calling out the poisoning of Oregonians with the insane geo-engineering of our weather and the manufacturing of a drought which will irrevocably alter entire ecosystems. Perennial streams in Lakeview are bone dry, large vegetated islands are forming in the middle of southern Oregon rivers like the Sprague, and for the first time in living memory we have NO ******* January snow at Lake of the Woods in the high Cascades.  

Here on the eastside of the Cascades, people can actually see how little precipitation we are getting because it comes in the form of measurable snow. Visual… Can’t ignore it… SNOW. And there is none. Meanwhile tulips are emerging and the hairless chimps are blissfully happy because they can wear tank tops and shorts in mid-January. Is climate change man-made? Well duh, dude. Just look up.

2 thoughts on “My Letter to Senator Jeff Merkley

  1. I’m sure if he does read it, he’ll blame it on Climate Change like all of the other absurd political puppets and then encourage you to promote one of his Climate Change campaigns.

  2. wow.. A letter to a Senator. How quaint.

    It brings back memories of my first computer, which I only bought because they don’t sell typewriters anymore, and I was tired of writing to my congressman by hand.

    It took me a while to realize it, but all letters to politicians are shoveled into the same trash bin, so I started writing to the American people instead, and I hope Jaihan does the same thing.

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