6 thoughts on “Narcocracy

  1. Title reads Nacocracy and the pic reads Narcocracy.

    Never heard of either as well as search resulted in no info.

  2. Big money can afford to “purchase” the justice they wish to have and the outcome. The injustice system in the US has always been for sale and all about the money. From the cops on the street giving tickets, the lawyers, the entire judicial system and even the prison systems are run for profit anymore complete with stocks for sale on Wall Street for the companies that own and manage them. We are all Goyim to the jews.

  3. Well, we got the self help guru, mass mesmerizer Tony Perkins up speaking @ Nazicon 2016 tonight. He accepted the invitation to speak, like Cruz, with no strings attached. He did endorse Cruz. President of the Family Research Counsel, he is stumping for the GOP to endorse “Ex-gay Conversation Therapy”. He’s Pro-life, Pro-marriage and should sit well with those staunch conservatives who would like every one to insert once and repeat as necessary in the missionary position. No extras allowed.

    He could either hit a home run with his mesmerization, or, he could burn the house down. Let’s see some fisticuffs tonight, burnin’ down the house! Please God, can someone cold-cock Newt Gingrich tonight!!! 😆

  4. Be a minority in the ghetto who gets caught smoking a joint and go to federal prison for seven years…

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