National Guard Repels FEMA on Ocracoke Island

Published on Sep 9, 2019

In the predawn hours of September 7, elements of Florida’s Army National Guard, while conducting wellness checks on residents who defied mandatory evacuation orders, repelled a band of FEMA agents that tried to muscle their way into abandoned homes on Ocracoke Island, a vulnerable swath of North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

8 thoughts on “National Guard Repels FEMA on Ocracoke Island

  1. ‘it’s almost if they knew which houses had firearms sergeant Wright said’ ……..registration?

    I am impressed by guardsmen to NOT follow order and stood their ground and after 30 minutes of standoff (NG were outnumbered) blackwater thugs backed off. BAM!

  2. This is a made up story. Twisted is a fantasy news website. All Fake.

    Go there and look for yourself.

    These are all made up stories –

    Washington State Man Targeted by RED FLAG Laws – FAKE


    National Guard Repels FEMA on Ocracoke Island – FAKE

    It is not a real news site – it is more like the old World Weekly News tabloid.

    1. In checking the site, it appears you are absolutely correct. We will leave the video up as your comment represents a source of information in pointing out the falsehood.

  3. Yeah it probably is bullshit
    Because NG and FEMA are both violators of our BOR and you can’t trust either one … for anything

    Neither one of these “agencies “
    Would have backed the other one down
    They would have worked in unison to trample the rights of the people

  4. Yeah, that’s a disinformation site. The only story there close to real is chump endorsing red flag laws.

    Boot lickers are boot lickers for a reason and they don’t change.

  5. The man did post on youtube the news article. Look at katrina private military ops where going around in boats taking guns from people. One man with his son had to hire an atty to get his firearms back. Look at Panama in the 80s first thing the us military hit was radio stations and put citizens in warehouses familiar? Grandfather was a pow in germany for 13 months was tortured and escaped with another man he said never trust an elected official he had seen whole villages one he came up on all women children were hung and worse. He ordered his men to shoot all italian soldiers. And to cut off their penises while alive he said what he witnessed he had nightmares till the day he died.

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