3 thoughts on “NATO’s Secretary General Makes Statement On Ukraine Directed At Russia

  1. God helps those, who helps themselves….. Victory is Ours for the taking…. We will be free, one way or the other…

  2. This is the same kind of move as Russia did during the bombing of Serbia. They moved troops into Pristina Aerodrome to keep that “Perfumed Prince” General Clark from going hog wild and taking Serbia for the Muslims who were in the process of ANIHILATING Christian Serbs in Kosovo. Having Russian forces in Ukraine is only part of the equation. You better believe his security people are in there collecting information as to who actually is there as far as orchestrators of this whole affair. Just imagine Nut And YAHOO’s Zionist face having found a bunch of Israeli agent provocateurs?

    Better believe there is a lot more to this than the US controlled press is telling us.

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