Navy Yard Shooting: Suspect Bought a Rusty Used Gun? For $400? FBI Photos

crap 1American Everyman – by Scott Creighton

According to the official story of the Navy Yard Shooting, Aaron Alexis went to the store the weekend before the shooting and bought a Remington 870 Express Tactical shotgun. They claim there is video of him making that purchase, but the FBI has that video so we’ll never see it.

Anyway, when I saw the images of the shotgun released by the FBI this past week, something jumped out at me: he bought what appears to be a used piece of crap shotgun? 

The gun has rust on it. RUST. And he supposedly bought it from a gun dealer just days before the shooting? Who would sell a POS gun like that in their store?

From the looks of it, I would be surprised if that gun even worked.

There’s another thing in the FBI photo release I thought was interesting. See if you pick up on it. It surrounds the image of the backpack that their suspect supposedly left behind in the bathroom stall.

here are the images.



gun 1

gun 2

gun 3

gun 4

Look at the condition of this weapon. Does it look like someone just bought it at a shooting range?

crap 1

crap 2

crap 3

Processing for fingerprints does leave behind some residue, but photos of the weapon itself are usually taken prior to processing.

Look at the gap between the stock and the body of the gun. On one side it looks like someone took a grinder to the edge of it.

This is not a new Remington 870 Express Tactical. You can see some good photos of this type of weapon here.  Here’s one shot of it:

new 3

If you go to Remington’s 870 Express Tactical webpage, you will notice they don’t even make this style of Express Tactical anymore.

If you look closely at the shotgun in the pictures you will notice there’s been a lot of damage to this thing. It almost appears as if rust has been cleaned off it.

And this was for sale in a gun store? In what, the bargain bin?

He reportedly spent over $400 for it. You can buy them new all day long for $520 or so. The one I show in the picture above went at auction for $411.

It almost looks like the piece of crap gun was taken out of a bundle of guns that had been turned into the police department in exchange for a WalMart gift card or something.

He bought that piece of crap days before the shooting and paid $400+ for it?

Yeah, that’s a government contractor for you.

There’s another thing.

Here are two pictures. One is of his backpack hanging on the door of the bathroom stall. The other is of him entering the building. See if you notice what I did.




2 thoughts on “Navy Yard Shooting: Suspect Bought a Rusty Used Gun? For $400? FBI Photos

  1. The backpack on the bathroom door hangs on one’s back, the one that is shown when AA–or someone looking like AA–is walking thru the door is the type that hangs by your side.

    Again, where are the date and time stamps?

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