NDAA Lawsuit Media Blackout

Before It’s News – by Deborah Dupre

There is a media blackout on the lawsuit journalist Tangerine Bolen and seven other plaintiffs against Barack Obama’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Bolen, Executive Director of STOPNDAA.org, says that th NDAA has been called the death of our republican form of government.

Gary Franchi of Next News Network, who interviewed Bolen today, reports, “It contains a provision allowing the president to order the indefinite military detention of anyone accused of offering substantial support to al-Qaeda or ‘associated forces.'”

The measure does not define critical terms — for instance, groups considered “associated forces.”

The way the government is spying on peace groups and the way targeted indivduals are harassed and intimidated, one can justifiably ask if these targets are

It applies to U.S. citizens, who — under the ambiguous and expansive terms of that measure — could be detained by the military, on U.S. soil, until what the measure calls the “end of hostilities,” which in the open-ended war on terror could mean forever.

According to Obama administration spokesmen, the NDAA could be used to imprison war correspondents and other journalists who cover terrorism-related issues.

The NDAA has no parallel in American history.

“In fact, it is without precedent in the history of Anglo-Saxon law since the Magna Carta was signed in 1215. Perhaps the closest historical kindred to the NDAA would be Article 58 of the Soviet Criminal Code, which allowed for arrest and summary imprisonment of anyone suspected of working to undermine the Soviet state,” reports Franchi.

Journalist and activist Tangerine Bolen is one of eight plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the NDAA. Although she voted for Obama, she describes herself as “terrified” by the arbitrary powers that the president and his advisers can now exercise in the name of fighting terrorism.

Watch Bolen in the video below.


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4 thoughts on “NDAA Lawsuit Media Blackout

  1. “There is a media blackout on the lawsuit journalist Tangerine Bolen and seven other plaintiffs against Barack Obama’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).”

    As far as the NWO is concerned, some things are best kept in the dark.(yes, intended).

  2. Since several high ranking CIA officials, Hillary Clinton, the BBC, and others have all admitted that Al Qaeda is a tool of the MI-6 and the CIA, receiving money and weapons from the U.S., this NDAA does not go beyond an S&M camp for perverts in the Bush cabal and Obama administration. Americans have their heads too far up their own backsides to realize these above mentioned entities have come forward PUBLICLY and admitted the fact. They still think ‘Al Qaeda’ is a group of desert dwelling Muslims who defy American and British leaders. Stupid, huh? Of course there is a Rothshild’s Associated Press and CFRtv news blackout. If the public were aware, they might react. Probably not. They might miss their favorite ‘reality show’.

  3. I’m glad she has finally seen the light with Obama but its hard for me to listen to someone who was stupid enough to vote for him.

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