Netanyahu on the Ropes Following Israeli Election

Israeli King Benjamin Netanyahu narrowly won reelection to his post as Prime Minister.  Benny had planned a hard right wing regime with an emphasis on further settlements upon the lands of the Palestinians.  It is being said now, however, that he will have a tough row to hoe in implementing his plan.  Could it be that the people of Israel have seen the writing on the wall and realized that Benny is and has been leading them into extremely dangerous waters?

It has actually been quite quiet here in the United States in reference to Israel as of late.  Could it be that a part of the awakening that has led to one consecutive month after another of record gun and ammunition sales includes the realization as to what Zionism is?

In reality the Israelis should be sweating bullets, pun intended, as it is quite possible that if we American nationals are forced to use force here in the United States in order to regain control of our government, we might just tell Israel to take a hike and that if they dare so much as pop one silo we will turn their entire country into glass.  Wouldn’t it indeed be hard to find anyone else in the world beside the countries controlled by the crowned heads of Europe that would object to the threat?

For too many years now, the Israelis have been wielding the power of the United States as if we were nothing more than one of their colonies.  Think about it.  These people like to talk about democracy and the spread thereof across the world.  Now I in no way concur, but what if we just had a straight up vote around the planet on a simple question, exterminate the Zionists, yes or no?

These Zionists have been running a bluff for the last forty-five years and the peoples of the world have grown sick of them.  We American nationals have been used and abused by the Zionists as our children have been ran through the meat grinder to provide them with evermore wealth and power.

I guess the only saving grace is that our revenge will be simple to accomplish as all we have to do is do nothing, as Israel’s enemies will destroy Zion absolutely.  Hell, we do not even have to make the nuke threat as the Russians have already declared that they will fry Israel if they dare to fire even so much as one missile.

What is the old saying?  Turn around is fair play.  So let the games begin.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “Netanyahu on the Ropes Following Israeli Election

  1. It is a shame that they let him hang around a little longer. Bibi is the son of a full professor at University of Pennsylvania. Bibi grew up in a rich community on the mainline of Philadelphia. His cries of his understanding the suffering is amazing given his easy life as a youth. The world and especially Israel would be much better off without him. The USA should stop sending money to a nation which is not smart enough to understand the damage the war monger Bibi creates. Bibi helps build walls which appears to make Israel a jail instead of a nation.

  2. I’m quite sure that their “elections” were as fraudulent and phony as the ones here were when Barry “the rat” Soetoro was “reelected”.

  3. Gordon, the cui bono focus as you summarize is a yes, yes and yes. As with any crisis, we are faced with the Problem – Reaction – Solution paradigm. The Problem is an illusion by design, and thus, the pitfall. The Reaction is predictable and only a catalyst for the remaining and most important factor in the paradigm, the Solution. Thus, as you state aptly, we MUST re-center all of our directives in this next decade and beyond towards intensely identifying a- who provided the Solutions and b- the nature/parameters thereof for all Americans. In the “Solution”, Americans will find common patterns featuring re-occurring characters, modus operandi for the rendering of “solutions”, and motives thereby.
    Because we are a decade+ after the fact, we may now also examine the fall-out from the rendered “solutions” Here, cui bono is unequivocally answered: Israel benefited from the “War on Terror” as well as individuals in the feeding chain of profits built from invasion, plunder (of resources, including poppy fields), and massive death. Israel’s interests were forced on to those of Americans through various acts, including restricting individual liberties at home via the deterioration of the Bill of Rights in the name of security against a common, invisible enemy: “terrorism” (as labelled by Hagel and Brzezinski aptly, a tactic — not an ideology).
    The presence of Zionist fingerprints on provided solution(s) is astounding.
    1- Who purchased the lease to the World Trade Center (WTC) only seven weeks before 9/11? Larry Silverstein, Frank Lowy, et. al.; 2- Who authorized the lease of the WTC complex to Larry Silverstein at a tiny fraction of its true value? Louis Eisenberg; 3- Who pushed for privatization of the WTC? Ronald S. Lauder; 4- Who ran security at all three airports where the 9/11 hijackings “allegedly” took place? ICTS International / Huntsleigh USA, wholly owned by Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon; 5- Who wrote the Patriot Act limiting American rights and freedoms? Michael Chertoff; 6- Who pushed the Patriot Act through? Lindsay Graham, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Joe Lieberman, Jon Kyl, Carl Levin, et. al. (Neocons, or entrenched Zionists); 7- Who had the contract to run security at the WTC? Kroll Security run by Jules Kroll and Jerome Hauer; 8- Is there evidence of any forewarning of the incident? a- ZIM Integrated Shipping Services, an Israeli company, paid a $50,000 penalty to break its lease and vacate its office (10,000 square feet) in the North WTC tower only a few days before 9/11; b- Sivan & Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Schmuel and Oded Ellner, confessed and arrested Israeli agents, setup filming equipment pointing at the WTC buildings PRIOR to the incident and were reported by a local New Jersey woman when they started to cheer and dance, earning the nickname, the “Dancing Israelis”; c- a second group of Israeli agents were caught with truck bombs around the George Washington Bridge as reported by local news stations broadcast widely in the tri-state area; 9- Who released these suspects? Michael Chertoff; 10- Who quickly shipped the metal evidence from the collapsed towers overseas? Alan D. Ratner; 11- Who were the chief judges in charge of the 9/11 Investigation? Alvin K. Hellerstein and Michael B. Mukasey; 12- What happened to the victims families and respective complaints? Kenneth Feinberg raised $7 billion to get victims’ families to agree to drop claims as to any legal investigation of 9/11 in return for sizeable settlements; 13- Who wrote the 9/11 Commission Report? Philip Zelikow; 14- Who advocated a Pearl Harbor-like incident to mobilize America? Rabbi Dov Zakheim, the co-author of the PNAC paper. Dov Zakheim also owned the SPC Corporation, which provides the flight termination system and command transmitter system as well as the technology for switching planes to remote control if the pilots are incapacitated or the plane is hijacked. Finally, Dov Zakheim was the Pentagon comptroller who sold F-15s and F-16s at a greatly reduced price to Israel and had two trillion dollar amounts go missing under his watch.
    The plan to push forward an invasion of Israel’s regional opponents, to secure resources (incl. drug supplies), was quickly advanced by Zionists. 1- Who was the lead architect of the ill-fated U.S. invasion of Iraq after 9/11? Paul Wolfowitz; 2- Who falsely linked Saddam Hussein to Osama Bin Laden only a few days after 9/11? Richard Perle; 3- Who testified before Congress that Saddam Hussein had “dishwasher sized” centrifuges and that Iran was “hell-bent” on nuclear weapons, “without a shadow of a doubt”, in 2002? Netanyahu.
    And their behavioral patterns re-evidence themselves in the decade thereafter based on “new crises” to advance the same cause, a fruition of PNAC (Israeli version: “Clean Break”) thereafter. 1- Who is calling for an invasion of Iran based on no evidence at all and a wolf cry about a WMD threat? Netanyahu; 2- Who has been caught committing false-flags, posing as CIA agents while hiring known terrorist group Jundullah, to commit terrorism against Iran in order to spark World War III? Israel (according to Foreign Policy Magazine’s Mark Perry); 3- Following Sandy Hook, who are pushing to diminish the Second Amendment on the basis of guilty by association and a nonsensical conflation of the mutually exclusive doctrines of self-defense and recreational gaming into the Second Amendment? Zionists Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Joe Lieberman (via media), Michael Bloomberg, Barney Frank (via media), Murray Rothstein (owner of NBCUniversal), Rupert Murdoch, his CNN button-man, Piers Morgan, and more, who are otherwise pushing to implement a mission creep to a police state by placing a “TSA” in front of impressionable school-children. The same who passed the Patriot Act, which Zionised American daily lives, and the same who support Israel, a state that maliciously ethnically cleanses, brutally oppresses, allows its citizenry to freely carry weapons, and preaches non-liberal values for Zionists under its own regime.
    I can keep going re: Benghazi, Petraeus, Drone Strikes, Chuck Hagel, and more to illustrate the repeated acts of the same individuals in the Zionist Subversive Fifth Column, but I’ve already exceeded my allowable word count. Great article, once again. We can name individuals, they were Zionist terrorists, part of the Talmudic mafia, and, yes, “they hate our freedom”. Thanks, Gordon.

    Rah: “I can keep going re: Benghazi, Petraeus, Drone Strikes, Chuck Hagel, and more to illustrate the repeated acts of the same individuals in the Zionist Subversive Fifth Column, but I’ve already exceeded my allowable word count.”
    Yes Rah you should have kept going cause the direction would have lead you right to WHAT IS NEXT !!!! ( Benghazi, Petraeus, Drone Strikes, Chuck Hagel) That brings us right up to date so the next step or words should be what is next??, and remember following this M.O This next “one” will have to be much grander on scale in order to bury any kind of real organization and or further investigation into so said investigation.(911) The next deal will have to be so great as to “throw off” everyone from any and all cases pertinent to the truth movement. And be consumed with the new “Human Tragedy|”
    “Wish in one hand and Shit in the other see which one fills first”

    This is the standard M.O. for the TPTB. You have an “event” that is both shocking and over-the-top in the extreme. The story gets more convoluted and obviously conspiratorial as time progresses but those in the seats of power are bellowing for “something to be done” as an answer to the problems they’ve already set into motion. This serves to vent and direct the revenge fantasies of the ignorant in the preordained direction. Any questions to the so-called official story are slapped down as “theory”, when the facts are plain to see. Emotional flames are fanned that trump reason and logic. Over time it becomes clear the story is fabricated but by now you’ve been further robbed of wealth and liberty and those who “believe” the BS are conditioned to accept their deeper descent into slavery as being the new normal. And once the sights are focused on it all being a lie another “incident” occurs to further push people off balance and so on and so forth. Wash, rinse and repeat. Over and over and over again.

  4. My most sincere apologies, Henry. I have no idea how I missed your post this morning before I sent in the article on this same subject, other than the fact that they’ve been killing me at work the last three weeks, and I’ve been very short on sleep lately, also. I’ll have to try to pay closer attention.

    As for Yahoo, the last poll out of Israhell that I saw, put his opponent ahead of him. I had some small hope that maybe, just maybe, he might just lose the election by a slim margin. But then again, I’m certain that their (so-called) elections are no less fraudulent than ours are, so obviously it was just a fool’s hope.

    Unfortunately, this can mean only one thing – that WWlll is now inevitable.

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