Never Before Seen Footage Of 9/11

Published on Sep 25, 2013 by 911TruthNOW

Just download the NIST releases yourself and stop depending on others to do the looking for you (for the last 14 years).. Put in the work in and get the results directly.

September 11th Drone Evidence NIST FOIA Release Part 1…

September 11th Drone Evidence NIST FOIA Release 29 Part 2

The Other Side of the National September 11 Memorial Museum

National September 11 Memorial Museum labeled a large piece of fuselage as “Flight 11”!, however has not a single bit of AA colors on it and yet it still labeled Flight 11. In the past fuselage traveled state to state, county to county as “flight 175” and “Flight 11”

6:01 Israeli van witness
7:07 “that’s because its an inside job”
10:07 Tyrone Demolition convenient boxes of demo evidence

9/11 Drone Plane Parts Investigation FOIA Release of 3,160 Electronic Records Part 1…

9/11 Plane Parts Investigation File name: roll_13_16.jpg FOIA Release of 3,160 Electronic Records…

6 thoughts on “Never Before Seen Footage Of 9/11

  1. It didn’t give me chills, but if not for caffeine, it probably would have put me to sleep.

    This is “never before seen footage” because it’s completely irrelevant footage, consisting of the speculation of idiots talking about the event between a quarter and a half-mile away from ground zero.

    The link to “September 11th Drone Evidence NIST FOIA Release Part 1” contains absolutely no drone evidence, and nothing at all from NIST, who released a foot-high stack of books outlining the “pancake collapse theory” (I attended the NIST public announcement, and I told the NIST representative he was full of shit)

    It does address the fact that is wasn’t a commercial airliner, but that was also revealed by several witnesses on network TV on the day it happened.

    All in all, I’d have to say that the “911truthNOW” people are in the disinformation business, or they might have revealed some real evidence instead of wasting your time with this nonsense.

    Anybody who is interested in real evidence only has to put a mailing address on this page, and I’ll send you a copy of the disc I published a decade ago. (which contains footage that has since been scrubbed, or altered)

    1. Wait a minute — I’m updating (altering / breaking) that promise.

      If you make a $10 contribution to this site and request “Jolly Roger’s 9-11 CD”, Henry will send me your address via e-mail, and then I’ll mail you the disc. (that is of course, if Henry agrees to any of this, because I haven’t asked him)

      1. also — this disc is by no means complete. It was made in 2003 or 2004, and it contains the best evidence of controlled demolition available AT THE TIME. (this is before dust sample analysis, and before the architects & engineers were in the movement)

        1. I had Henry (from Jd I believe) send me some of the paper documents from engineers for 9/11 for donation and it was decent for those not in the know. A lot on building 7. I started researching this in 7th grade (right after it happened) because even at 12~13 it smelled like bull. I’ll tell any one who will listen, as long as they want I’ll go all day. But needless to say, unless GW or Dick come out and give a full confession there’s nothing new out there. It is completely and utterly impossible to believe the”official story”. None of it made sense then and it still dosnt now.

  2. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to share the short videos of WTC7 collapsing with several people who never even heard of WTC7.

    Their responses were basically identical, namely, disbelief and “why have i not heard of this?”
    Good question.
    All i try and do is plant seeds and let them draw their own conclusions.

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