7 thoughts on “#NeverTrump Commies Push Elderly Veteran off a Ledge at #RNCinCLE

  1. Oh, the “horror, the horror, the horror.” Let’s see. I did not witness anyone going “splat” on the concrete below because some stepped off a curb.

    I hate this Shiite! “NeverTrump pinko commies” want you to believe their leader is getting shiite on because “Thou Donald”, their savior is under besmirchment. ( I know it’s not a word) He should be besmirched! He’s an @ss! And he wants to be our President and he’s got the money to pull it off. Free and fair elections, as long as you got the bucks.

    Now, you may think I got everything backwards but that is not the case. You see, “The Donald” and Hillary have the same employer, and it’s not the American people. The installation has already been decided, they will need to sell a lot more bile buckets before this one is over. The theatrics for the sheeples has only just begun.

  2. I wish someone would accidentally. .
    On purpose…,
    Push me off a fkng ledge.
    Then I could have a day off.
    I could then reflect on what a dichead I ‘ve been all my life.
    Then maybe then .. the Creator will have compassion and pity/forgiveness upon my soul…..

    You’re going to persevere, like the patience of JOB for what a spiritual beeing is to fullfill your destiny to fullfill your “Mark”.
    It is not easy being a GODS and GODDESSES wandering through the forest of life.
    We only wish “Loving Kindness”…
    But if we have to deliver it through the sway of a sword.
    Or the barrel of a weapon.
    The gallon of gasoline.
    Then so be it…

  3. I understand the anger we all have at Obama, and now Bushes, thats what hes tapped into. thats why O got elected people were desperate for hope and change of some sort. Well, Killary will be elected wont matter, but if Trump is, people who are desperate for the hope and change will stand up. In my opinion but hey who am I. I dont even think we will have an election.

  4. Elderly people should be treated gently whenever possible (except perhaps for the truly evil ones). I don’t see how being a veteran factors into it. No wars have been fought in defense of the American people in our lifetimes, so there’s no reason for special consideration there.

    Besides, I don’t see anything terrible happening in this video. Sure, commies of any sort can go screw themselves, but Trump is no better. Trump is just the “hope and change” of the Yahoo Right this election season, much as Obama played that role for the Left years ago.

    1. Agreed. It shouldn’t matter if the elderly person was a veteran. However, Trump has been courting the veterans…promising huge donations to groups that help veterans…changes in the VA… the list goes on and on… That is why/”how being a veteran factors into it.”

  5. And we wonder why this country is on the edge of a civil war? Problem for the globalists is that the patriot movement is looking strait at them. The Invasion and black on white and everyone else crime are only simptoms. The root of the problem is the Bankster Gangster GLOBALISTS, both the Khazzar zionists and the Hansaetic League crime syndicate.

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